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Faculty Profile Widgets

Faculty Profile Widgets are useful for organizations that would like to highlight information for only one individual on a homepage, such as a principle investigator for a lab. These widgets appear in the left column of a page.

Just like other Profile components, you must also include a Faculty Profile page within the same Structure Group as the page that will include the widget. See the general Faculty Profile Listing instructions for more information.


  1. In your Building Blocks folder, open a new component and select "Faculty Profile Widget" from the Schema menu.
    • Heading: Insert an appropriate heading.
    • Subtitle (to override faculty titles from feed): Leave blank.
    • Page Name: Insert the name of the faculty member by first_last. For example, justin_fanser
    • Component link to Faculty Profile: Insert the Faculty Directory component for this individual. See general Faculty Profile Listing Instructions for more information about the Faculty Directory component.
    • DisplayAddresses: Select each box to include an address for each location.
    • Show general phone numbers: Select "true" if you would like phone numbers to be listed.
  2. Save & Close your component.
  3. Open your Root folder and then the page that you want to feature this widget.
  4. Insert the Faculty Profile Widget component in the Component Presentations tab, and select "Faculty Profile Widget (side column)" from the template menu.
  5. Save & Close your page.
  6. Publish this page and your Faculty Profile page.
The left column of this lab site features a Faculty Profile Widget.