Manual Profiles for External Faculty & Staff

Quick Steps

  1. Create a Manual Profile schema component and fill out desired fields for display.
  2. Add the new Manual Profile component to an existing Faculty Directory component in the field marked "Manual Profiles added to the list."
  3. Publish both the page with the faculty listing you're adding the profile to and the Manual Profile component itself.

The Profile System contains profiles for all School of Medicine faculty and staff that can be displayed on Tridion websites. However, you may encounter a scenario where it is necessary to add non-Yale people to a profile listing on a YSM site. Manual profiles were created to address these kinds of situations.

Manual profiles allow you to to generate a profile in Tridion using the Manual Profile schema. YSM profiles are pretty extensive, so manual profiles do not have nearly as many fields available as YSM employee profiles. However, they contain all of the basic parameters, such as contact information, a biography, photograph, etc. necessary to create a profile for an external person.

The first profile in this listing is an example of a Manual Profile.

Creating & Adding a Manual Profile

Important Note: Correctly Publishing in the Building Blocks Folder

In order for the Publications List to publish on a page, you must publish the Publications Reference components in the Building Blocks folder. How you proceed to publish these will depend if your website uses a single publication or has a parent-child structure. Your site has parent-child structure if you build your components in a parent publication, e.g. "Surgery - (1)," and the Root folder with the pages of your website is in a separate child publication, e.g. "Surgery - (2) Main Site."

  • For a website that is a single publication: Publish from the same folder where you built the components.
  • For a website that has parent-child structure: Publish the component in the parent Building Block folder (where you built the components). When the publishing window pops up, click on the "Advanced" tab. Under "Advanced Publish/ Unpublish Settings," check off the "Also Publish/ Unpublish in Child Publications" option.
  1. In the building blocks folder where you have already created a Faculty Directory component for your organization(s), open and create a new "Manual Profile" component. 
  2. Enter all required and necessary information for the non-Yale person this profile will belong to. 
  3. Once you have entered information in the available fields, save & close your component. Publish the Manual Profile component within the Building Blocks folder. 
  4. Then open an existing Faculty Directory component that corresponds to the organization that this individual is affiliated with at Yale.
  5. Find the "Manual Profiles added to the list" field at the bottom of the component.
  6. Click on the yellow folder to the left of the field, and select the Manual Profile you just created.
  7. Save & Close your Faculty Directory component. Republish your page in the Root folder. 

NOTE: Make sure that the Manual Profile component is published in the Building Blocks folder and that the page housing the Faculty Directory component has also been republished!

NOTE: If you are attaching a headshot to a Manual Profile, the image must meet the following guidelines: It must be an original file, at least 300 dpi, and with the vertical side at least 300 pixels high. For headshots, images fitting this tend to be more than 500 KB in file size.