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Manual Profiles

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  • Mark Albis

    Technical Lead

    Mark began working with the Yale School of Medicine Web Group in 2010 as the Manager for Web Training and Support. In this role, Mark fielded website editors' questions concerning YSM's content management system, SDL Web, along with other web applications used in conjunction with Tridion to maintain the school's web presence. In addition, with the help of the Web Group student team he created a library of support documentation for editors to learn the basics of SDL Web and how to create specific templates.

    Now as a Technical Lead, Mark focuses on maintenance of YSM web applications and the creation of new content layouts for department and lab websites. He continues to provide advanced support for SDL Web editors.

  • Robert H External User

    This is an "External User"

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  • Justin Fansler

    Technology Director, YSM

    Justin joined the School of Medicine’s Web Group at its creation in 2006, initially as the project manager in charge of creating the school’s first standardized web template and then migrating departments into the template.

    He led the charge for branding and web standardization at the school, purchasing and implementing the school’s web content management system (SDL Tridion), event calendar, form builder tool and Maestro event ticketing system.

    Today, Justin focuses on creating web strategy and policy for the school, working with a talented team to build and maintain the school’s 450 websites and the applications that run those sites, enhance and create new functionality and systems, and provide support and services for the school’s more than 300 website editors.

    Justin is also responsible for the business side of the Web at YSM – hiring vendors and managing the school's web project budget, revenue, and resources.

    Justin lives in NYC with his husband, Rudy, and their child, Felix. He is an avid CrossFitter.

  • Justin Navarro

    Operations Deputy Director, YSM Communications

    Justin Navarro joined the School of Medicine’s Web Group in July 2011 as the web project manager in charge of building new sites, conducting large-scale revisions of existing sites, and developing the web editing service.

    Since then, he has focused on standardizing and streamlining each of these functions in order to best serve the web needs of YSM departments, programs, and faculty labs.

    Today, his focus is on working with departments, programs, and centers to engage the Office of Communications in utilizing our comprehensive services. He also provides his project management expertise to special projects and in helping the the Office of Communications better manage its own operations.

    He lives in Cheshire with his husband, Douglas (who completed his Internal Medicine residency at Yale), one incredibly spoiled Rottweiler, and one overly rambunctious Pit bull.

  • Liz Pantani

    Yale School of Medicine Web Support Specialist

    Liz joined the Yale School of Medicine Web Group October 2011, as the team’s Senior Administrative Assistant. After being with the team for a few years she was promoted to her current role as the Web Support Specialist.

    Liz provides preliminary and basic support needs to all web editors using SDL Web and all YSM web applications, as well as providing support with utilizing the News and People Profile System.

    She manages scheduling for the team and coordinates the Web Editor Meetings and all special functions pertaining to the Web Group.

    Liz also coordinates the ongoing Faculty Headshot Photo Shoots which take place throughout the academic year. When she is not assisting in building or maintaining sites, she is aiding in managing the Web Group's student employees.

    Liz lives in the shoreline community of Guilford with her wife Carissa, and their handsome German Shorthaired Pointer, Lieben. When not hiking somewhere in New England, she can be easily found baking sweet treats for her family & friends.

  • Mark Santore

    Associate Director of New Media; Associate Director of New Media, Yale Medicine

    Mark started at Yale in 2011 as the Web Manager for the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation where he managed YCCI’s online presence and marketing efforts.

    Currently, Mark is the Associate Director of New Media for Yale Medicine. He manages the organization’s website and is responsible for their communication and media efforts.

    Prior to joining Yale, Mark worked in the Brand Marketing and Advertising Department for Virgin Atlantic Airways.

    During his free time Mark enjoys CrossFit, weightlifting, golf, cars and working on his house.

  • Lena Smith Parker

    Director of Operations, Yale School of Medicine Office of Communications

    Lena started out as a internet specialist in communications for Yale Medicine in 2004, and in 2006 was promoted to have purview over the web for all of YSM. Within months she created the first iteration of the brain trust dedicated to the mission of a "world-class" web presence for YSM, which has now grown to a team of seven. Lena became the Director of the YSM Web Group, the team responsible for all YSM Websites.

    The group is dedicated to these goals:

    • Beautiful, useful, consistently branded websites that as a unit speak to the excellence of YSM
    • All faculty and organizations being able to promote their important work, regardless of whether or not they have money
    • Ease of accessibility for users and web editors
    • Excellent communication with clients and administration
    • Efficient use of accurate data across websites

    Read more about the YSM Web Group.

    In 2016, Lena was promoted to be the Production Director for the Yale School of Medicine Office of Communications, now with oversight of YSM Website Services and Support, as well as the production of Yale Medicine communications, brand, and collateral.