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People Profiles Listing

All YSM sites are required to utilize the Profile System when adding listings of faculty members. Using the profile system ensures that any update made to a faculty or staff member's profile will appear on all YSM sites. In addition, the membership lists of main YSM departments and sections in the profile system update automatically based on YSM HR systems.

For information about editing individual profiles or organizations in the system, please see the Profile section of Web Applications.

Quick Steps

  1. Create a Faculty Directory component with the orgID(s) of the org(s) you want to list. Within the component, there are various display options you can use to adjust the look of the listing.
  2. Create a Faculty Profile page to display individual profiles by inserting the Faculty Directory component on a new page using the Faculty Profile template. Use the file name: faculty
  3. Add a Faculty Listing by inserting the Faculty Directory component as a Faculty Listing template on a page in same structure group as the Faculty Profile page.

People Listings

Creating a People Listing in Tridion

To display a faculty profile page, you will need to create two separate pages (a page that displays the faculty listing and a page to display individual profiles of those on the listing) within the Structure Group that houses your faculty profile page.

  1. Create a New Component and choose "People Listing" from the Schema drop down menu.
    1. General Tab:
      • Name: Enter an appropriate name for the component.
      • Layout View: Your selection here determines how the listing will appear on your site. To see how these different layouts appear, please see the examples in the list below.
      • Organization ID: Enter the appropriate 6-digit organization ID from the profile system; this determines which faculty listing will display. The org IDs for profile organizations appear in the URL of the Details pages in the profile system. Example: ""
      • Show Thumbnails: Check if you want headshot thumbnails to display next to each faculty member in the list. These pictures are pulled directly from the Faculty Profile System.
      • Show leadership at the top of listing views: Check this option box to display the leaders of the chosen organization at the top of the listing, with their leadership title shown. This will display information entered into the "Leadership" section of an organization's "Details" page in the profile system.
      • Show Research Interests, Clinical Interests, Academic and Business Titles, Contact Info: Select which information you want presented. Note: not all layouts will be able to display this information.
      • Preferred biography to display: This option determines which biography from the profile system to display when a "Bio Listing" template is chosen.
        • Note: When using the Leadership Highlight view, choosing either "Primary" or "Physician" bio will result in a biography listing for the members, choosing "None" will display the members in a normal listing view without bios.
      • Hide the letter anchors: This option only applies to the A-Z Columns listing.
      • Suppress Links to Profile Pages: If you do not want visitors to be able to access an individual faculty profile through this list, check this box.
    2. Save & Close.

Once the Faculty Directory component has been created:

  1. Create and/or open the structure group that will house your faculty profile page.
  2. Create a New Page in this structure group. This first page will be used to display individual profiles.
    1. In the General Tab-
      • Name: Faculty Profile (Note: Do not add a three digit prefix)
      • File Name: faculty
    2. In the Component Presentations Tab-
      • Insert the Faculty Directory component created in Step 1 twice.
      • Select "Faculty Profile" from the Component Template drop down menu for the first component on the page.
      • Select "Faculty Profile Side" from the Component Template drop down menu for the second component you inserted.
    3. Save & Close.
  3. Create another New Page in the same structure group to include the Faculty Profile Listings that will appear on your page. This page will display the actual listing:
    1. In the General Tab-
      • Name: 000_Faculty
      • File Name: index
      • Note: If this is not the first page in your structure group, do not use the 000_ prefix or "index" as the file name. Use what is appropriate for your navigation.
    2. In the Component Presentations Tab-
        • Insert any Page Title components that you have created to help break up your page. Select "Content Full" from the Component Template schema list.
        • Insert all of your Faculty Directory components. Choose "Faculty Listing" from the Component Template schema list.
        • Using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons, order your components by Page Title first, then accompanying Listing. Example: Research Faculty Page Title, Research Faculty Listing, Diabetes Clinicians Page Title, Diabetes Clinicians Faculty Listing.
    3. Save & Close.
  4. Publish both the Faculty Profile page and the 000_Faculty page.