News Listings

Many departments want to publicize their news to the public, whether patients or prospective students/postdoc fellows. Tridion offers news components that create clean, sortable layouts for displaying news on the web.

As part of the Faculty Profile System, the News Module pulls information from a database outside Tridion to display content on your site.  To find information about adding and editing individual news items, please see the News Module section of Web Applications.

What You Will Learn

  • How to display a listing of items from the News Module on your Tridion.

Quick Steps

  1. Create News Portal component 
  2. Create Article Page, insert News Portal component twice: "News Portal-Article View" and "News Portal-Article Widget View"
  3. Create News Page, insert News Portal component as "News Portal-Main App List View" template, or choose from other examples 

Creating a News Page in Tridion

  1. Find an appropriate place in your Building Blocks folder to create components for the news.  Otherwise, you can create a new "News" folder.
  2. In your News folder in Building Blocks, create a News Portal schema component.
    • Name: Enter an appropriate name for the component (e.g. "Surgery News Listing").
    • News source: Leave as "photobooks."
    • Org ID: Enter your organization ID (found in URL of the organization's page in the profile system).
    • Keywords: In most cases, leave this blank. For advanced users, see "News Listing by Keyword."
    • Faculty Link field: Click on the yellow folder with the magnifying glass, and select the Faculty Directory component for a faculty listing on your site.  For more information see the faculty profile instructions.
    • News items per page: Number of articles which will display on the main news listing page, default is 10 
    • Items to display in widgets: Number of articles which will display when component is using a widget template.
    • Default Title: This will serve as the Title on the page you end up publishing. Some examples include "Our Program in the News" or "Latest News"
    • Title stub: This is the shortened title for the page that will appear when results are filtered.  Default is "News."
    • Title for RSS Feed: Enter the name of your organization.
    • Description for RSS Feed: Enter short description for your news.
    • Main News App override link: This field only needs to be used if you are creating multiple news widgets for your site.  If you want to have two widgets which display different numbers of articles, you'll need to create more than one "News Portal" component (each component has only 1 value for the number of articles to show in widgets).  So that the links to individual articles will lead to the correct Article page, in the second widget you create, insert the News Portal component that is used for your main News page in this field.
  3. You're now going to create an Article Page. This page will only be used to display full news articles and should not be located in the navigation.  Go into the root folder of your publication and then the Structure Group in which your news page will be housed. Create a new page.
    • General Tab
      • Name: Article Page (do not insert a navigation prefix for this page)
      • File Name: article
    • Component Presentations Tab
      • You must insert your News Portal component twice on this page.  First, insert it using the "News Portal - Article View" template, then insert it again using the "News Portal - Article Widget View" template.
      • Save & Close.
      • Publish the page.
  4. Create another page within the same Structure Group. This page will be used to display a list of news for your organization.
    1. General Tab
      • Name: Enter the three digit prefix (###_) and the name of your page. Example: 000_In the News
      • File Name: index (the news portal should be the landing page of a structure group).
      • Page Template: Leave "Inherent from Parent" checked.
      • Metadata Schema: Leave as "None.
    2. Component Presentations Tab
      • Insert your News Portal component and select the "News Portal - Main App List View" template.
      • Save & Close.
    3. Publish the page.