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News Listings

Many departments want to publicize their news to the public, whether patients or prospective students/postdoc fellows. Tridion offers news components that create clean, sortable layouts for displaying news on the web.

As part of the Faculty Profile System, the News Module pulls information from a database outside Tridion to display content on your site. To find information about adding and editing individual news items, please see the News Module section of Web Applications.

What You Will Learn

  • How to display a listing of items from the News Module on your Tridion.

Quick Steps

  1. Create News Listing component
  2. Add it to a page with a News Widget template, then publish

Creating a News Listing in Tridion

  1. Find an appropriate place in your Building Blocks folder to create components for the news. Otherwise, you can create a new "News" folder.
  2. In your News folder in Building Blocks, create a News Listing schema component.
    • Name: Enter an appropriate name for the component (e.g. "Surgery News Listing").
    • Org ID: Enter your organization ID (found in URL of the organization's page in the profile system).
    • Keywords: In most cases, leave this blank. For advanced users, see "News Listing by Keyword."
    • Items to display in widgets: Number of articles which will display when component is using a widget template.