Side Column Callout with a Map and/or Button

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a side column call out with a map and/or button

Quick Steps

  1. Create Address component and fill out appropriate fields 
  2. Visit this site to determine the Longitude and Latitude for your location (required):
  3. Insert onto page as "Address with Map and Button (Side Column)" template

The "Address" schema can be used to create a side column call out that includes a map and/or a linked button. This component quickly directs visitors or patients to contact information.


  1. In your Building Blocks folder, create a New Component and select "Address" from the schema menu.
    • Heading: Insert a heading. 
    • Organizations Name: Insert the name of your organization.
    • Building: If your building name is included in the drop down menu, select the name.
    • Building/room and/or street address: Insert the address of your building.
    • Street and/or PO Box: Additional fields to insert location information.
    • City: Enter the city.
    • Zip code: Enter the zip code. 
    • Telephone: Enter the phone number.
    • Fax: Enter fax, if desired.
    • Organization's central email address: Enter the e-mail address that's appropriate for the public to contact.
    • Organization type: Select the type from the menu.
    • Organization's parent: Select your parent organization. 
    • Latitude and Longitude: To determine your location's latitude and longitude, click here: Then copy and paste your location's information in this field.
    • Button Text: Enter text that will be included within the button. For example, "Make an Appointment."
    • Button Link: Click on the hyperlink button. A window will pop up. In the URL: field, insert the web address of the page you want to direct patients to. This address is linked to the button.
  2. Save & Close.
  3. Go into the Root folder of your publication. Open the page you want to feature a right column map with button. Typically, these are used on the home page.
  4. Insert this component and in the "Component Template" menu, select "Address with Map and Button (Side Column)."