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List of Profile System Building IDs for Maps

Building IdBuilding NameStreet AddressCity, State
6197210 13TH Avenue (Between 72nd and 73rd Street)7210 13th AvenueBrooklyn, NY
10Amistad Street Building10 Amistad StreetNew Haven, CT
23Rose Center101 Ashmun StreetNew Haven, CT
630Grounds Maintenance Garage 476 Ashmun StreetNew Haven, CT
22Saint Francis Care1000 Asylum AvenueHartford, CT
691Goss WoodsAttleboro Mountain RoadRichmond, NH
38Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Fairfield111 Beach RoadFairfield, CT
624747 Belden Avenue747 Belden AvenueNorwalk, CT
701291 Boston Post Road1291 Boston Post RoadMadison, CT
771347 Boston Post Road1347 Boston Post RoadMadison, CT
861445 Boston Post Road1445 Boston Post RoadGuilford, CT
1231591 Boston Post Road1591 Boston Post RoadGuilford, CT
240236 Boston Post Road236 Boston Post RoadOrange, CT
2652514 Boston Post Road2514 Boston Post RoadGuilford, CT
387325 Boston Post Road325 Boston Post RoadOrange, CT
511464 Boston Post Road464 Boston Post RoadOrange, CT
573594 Boston Post Road594 Boston Post RoadGuilford, CT
134170 Boston Post Road170 Boston Post RoadMadison, CT
695Bristol HospitalBrewster RoadBristol, CT
15100 Broadway100 BroadwayNorth Haven, CT
411Broadway, 3535 BroadwayNew Haven, CT
483Off Broadway Theater41 BroadwayNew Haven, CT
696Lidyhites PondBrushy Plain RoadBranford, CT
5746 Business Park Drive6 Business Park DriveBranford, CT
606687 Campbell Avenue687 Campbell AvenueWest Haven, CT
632764 Campbell Avenue764 Campbell AvenueWest Haven, CT
688VA Connecticut Healthcare950 Campbell AvenueWest Haven, CT
415Curtis Hall (Divinity)350 Canner StreetNew Haven, CT
421Fisher Hall (Divinity)352 Canner StreetNew Haven, CT
423Bellamy Hall (Divinity)354 Canner StreetNew Haven, CT
442Whitehall Apartments 375-385375-385 Canner StreetNew Haven, CT
477Whitehall Apartments 405-407405-407 Canner StreetNew Haven, CT
345The Anlyan Center300 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
354Congress Place301 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
370Brady Memorial Laboratory310 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
371Farnam Memorial Building310 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
372Lauder Hall310 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
377Hope Memorial Building315 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
378M.S. Harkness Memorial Auditorium333 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
379Nathan Smith Building315 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
380Sterling Hall of Medicine, Child Development Unit315 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
392Boardman Building330 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
393Farnam Memorial Building (330 Cedar)330 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
396Sterling Hall of Medicine, B-Wing333 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
397Sterling Hall of Medicine, C-Wing333 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
398Sterling Hall of Medicine, I-Wing333 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
399Sterling Hall of Medicine333 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
400Sterling Hall of Medicine, L-Wing333 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
431E.S. Harkness Memorial Hall, Building A367 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
432E.S. Harkness Memorial Hall367 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
433E.S. Harkness Memorial Hall, Building D367 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
102Yale-Myers for Bath House150 Center PikeEastford, CT
103Yale-Myers for CL & Bunk150 Center PikeEastford, CT
104Yale-Myers Forest150 Center PikeEastford, CT
105Yale-Myers Forest Camp150 Center PikeEastford, CT
534Intramural Field C50 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
535Varsity Softball Field50 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
551Varsity Practice Field B55 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
579Field Hockey Field60 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
611Armory and Stables70 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
612Dewitt Family Field70 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
613Johnson Field70 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
625Reese Stadium75 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
650Anthony Thompson Field80 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
651Intramural Field D80 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
655Yale Bowl81 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
665Varsity Practice Field E85 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
685Varsity Practice Field F95 Central AvenueNew Haven, CT
24Connecticut Hall344 College StreetNew Haven, CT
25Sherman Building1032 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
26Vanderbilt Hall1035 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
27Edwin Mcclellan Hall1037 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
31Street Hall1071 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
33Yale Center for British Art1080 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
43Yale University Art Gallery1111 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
44Yale Repertory Theater1120 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
48Green Hall1156 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
531201 Chapel Street,1201 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
87Yale New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus1450 Chapel StreetNew Haven, CT
626Yale Clinical Research Site II75 Charter Oak AvenueHarford, CT
32Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Waterbury1075 Chase ParkwayWaterbury, CT
697Forestry Camp Cabin 1Chattleton RoadCanaan, CT
698Forestry Camp Cabin 2Chattleton RoadCanaan, CT
699Forestry Camp Cabin 3Chattleton RoadCanaan, CT
700Forestry Camp Cabin 4Chattleton RoadCanaan, CT
701Forestry Camp Directors CabinChattleton RoadCanaan, CT
702Forestry Camp General HouseChattleton RoadCanaan, CT
703Forestry Camp Main BuildingChattleton RoadCanaan, CT
704Forestry Camp Pump HouseChattleton RoadCanaan, CT
705Forestry Camp Wash HouseChattleton RoadCanaan, CT
17100 Church Street South100 Church Street SouthNew Haven, CT
157Doctors Building2 Church Street SouthNew Haven, CT
55355 Church Street South55 Church Street SouthNew Haven, CT
11 Church Street1 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
116157 Church Street157 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
239234 Church Street234 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
251246 Church Street246 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
258250 Church Street250 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
279258 Church Street258 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
447385 Church Street385 Church StreetGuilford, CT
55255 Church Street55 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
686Yale Behavioral Health Services95 Circular AvenueHamden, CT
144McNay Sailing Center179 Clark AvenueBranford, CT
706Old CampusCollege and HighNew Haven, CT
65127 College Street127 College StreetNew Haven, CT
78135 College Street135 College StreetNew Haven, CT
111153 College Street153 College StreetNew Haven, CT
168200 College Street200 College StreetNew Haven, CT
346Charles Bingham Hall300 College StreetNew Haven, CT
394Harmanus Welch Hall330 College StreetNew Haven, CT
409Phelps Hall344 College StreetNew Haven, CT
425Thomas Lawrance Hall358 College StreetNew Haven, CT
435College Place37-55 College StreetNew Haven, CT
445Henry Farnam Hall380 College StreetNew Haven, CT
471Battell Chapel400 College StreetNew Haven, CT
500Leigh Hall435 College StreetNew Haven, CT
505451 College Street451 College StreetNew Haven, CT
514Stoeckel Hall469 College StreetNew Haven, CT
51547 College Street47 College StreetNew Haven, CT
517Arnold Sprague Hall470 College StreetNew Haven, CT
528493 College Street493 College StreetNew Haven, CT
537Woolsey Hall500 College StreetNew Haven, CT
541Silliman College505 College StreetNew Haven, CT
54753 College Street53 College StreetNew Haven, CT
55455 College Street55 College StreetNew Haven, CT
58060 College Street60 College StreetNew Haven, CT
472400 Columbus Avenue400 Columbus AvenueNew Haven, CT
493428 Columbus Avenue428 Columbus AvenueNew Haven, CT
298270 Congress Avenue270 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
320Pierce Laboratories290 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
340Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine295 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
365Sterling Power Plant309 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
366Sterling Power Plant Cogen309 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
441Laboratory for Surgery, Obsterics & Gynecology375 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
512Seamco Building464 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
518470 Congress Avenue470 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
529APT Foundation at Welch Center495 Congress AvenueNew Haven, CT
169Golf Course - Yale200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
170Golf Course 9th Hole Snack200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
171Golf Course Cart Storage Building200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
172Golf Course Cart Storage Shed200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
173Golf Course Club House200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
174Golf Course Driving Range Shed200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
175Golf Course Maintenance Building200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
176Golf Course Maintenance Mechanical Shed200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
177Golf Course Maintenance Storage Shed 1200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
178Golf Course Maintenance Storage Shed 2200 Conrad DriveNew Haven, CT
209Hospital for Special Care2150 Corbin AvenueNew Britain, CT
1582 Corporate Drive2 Corporate DriveShelton, CT
461Yale Orthopaedics - Shelton4 Corporate DriveShelton, CT
300270 Crown Street270 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT
341295-297 Crown Street295-297 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT
355301 Crown Street301 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT
363305 Crown Street305 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT
375York-Crown Apartments 313-319313-319 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT
408341-347 Crown Street341-347 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT
422353 Crown Street353 Crown StreetNew Haven, CT
48441 Daggett Street41 Daggett StreetNew Haven, CT
55555 Daggett Street55 Daggett StreetNew Haven, CT
76132 Davenport Avenue132 Davenport AvenueNew Haven, CT
253Smilow Field Center249 Derby AvenueNew Haven, CT
254Walter Camp Gate249 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
259Yale Field Baseball250 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
260Yale Field Batting Cages250 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
263Lapham Field House251 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
266Yale Varsity Field252 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
269Cullman Heyman Tennis Court253 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
270Field X254 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
273Artificial Turf Field256 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
274Clinton Frank Field256 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
275Dewitt Cuyler Complex256 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
276Dewitt Cuyler Storage Building256 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
278Charles E. Coxe Cage257 Derby AvenueWest Haven, CT
318287 Derby Ave287 Derby AvenueOrange, CT
1592 Devine Street2 Devine StreetNorth Haven, CT
5756 Devine Street6 Devine StreetNorth Haven, CT
576Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - North Haven6 Devine StreetNorth Haven, CT
577Yale Rheumatology6 Devine StreetNorth Haven, CT
72Griffin Hospital130 Division StreetDerby, CT
2772560 Dixwell Avenue2560 Dixwell AvenueHamden, CT
352DaVita Dialysis - Hamden3000 Dixwell AvenueHamden, CT
46540 Dixwell Avenue40 Dixwell AvenueNew Haven, CT
90147 Durham Road147 Durham RoadMadison, CT
5305 Durham Road5 Durham RoadGuilford, CT
267252 East Main Street252 East Main StreetClinton, CT
488420 East Main Street420 East Main StreetBranford, CT
31028 Edgewood Avenue28 Edgewood AvenueNew Haven, CT
38432-36 Edgewood Avenue32-36 Edgewood AvenueNew Haven, CT
264251 Edwards Street251 Edwards StreetNew Haven, CT
367309 Edwards Street309 Edwards StreetNew Haven, CT
406340 Edwards Street340 Edwards StreetNew Haven, CT
416Chemical Safety Building350 Edwards StreetNew Haven, CT
446380 Edwards Street380 Edwards StreetNew Haven, CT
84143 Elm Street143 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
93149 Elm Street149 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
112153 Elm Street153 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
128Hendrie Hall165 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
148Grace Hopper College189 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
156Bradford Durfee Hall198 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
190Berkeley College205 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
194Lanman-Wright Hall206 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
248Trumbull College241 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
249Saybrook College242 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
339294-296 Elm Street294-296 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
361Arnold Hall304 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
538500 Elm Street500 Elm StreetWest Haven, CT
708Gaylord Hospital50 Gaylord Farm RoadWallingford, CT
39033 Food Terminal Plaza33 Food Terminal PlazaNew Haven, CT
620Natural Preserve725 Fountain StreetNew Haven, CT
381Yale New Haven Health Foxon Urgent Care317 Foxon RoadEast Haven, CT
569St. Mary's Hospital56 Franklin StreetWaterbury, CT
348300 George Street300 George StreetNew Haven, CT
491425 George Street425 George StreetNew Haven, CT
592Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Yale New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus659 George StreetNew Haven, CT
53650 GLENVILLE ST50 Glenville StreetGreenwich, CT
52649 Goffe Street49 Goffe StreetNew Haven, CT
58863-65 Goffe Street63-65 Goffe StreetNew Haven, CT
60769- 83 Goffe Street69-83 Goffe StreetNew Haven, CT
66685 Goffe Street85 Goffe StreetNew Haven, CT
67387 Goffe Street87 Goffe StreetNew Haven, CT
525481 Gold Star Highway481 Gold Star HighwayGroton, CT
39Yale New Haven Shoreline Medical Center111 Goose LaneGuilford, CT
117Goose Lane, 157157 Goose LaneGuilford, CT
440Fair Haven Community Health Center374 Grand AvenueNew Haven, CT
136171 Grandview Avenue171 Grandview AvenueWaterbury, CT
294Bridgeport Hospital267 Grant StreetBridgeport, CT
34Rosenfeld Hall109-111 Grove StreetNew Haven, CT
131University Commons168 Grove StreetNew Haven, CT
3511 Harrison Avenue11 Harrison AvenueBranford, CT
617Manchester Hospital71 Haynes StreetManchester, CT
349Glastonbury Medical Arts Center300 Hebron AvenueGlastonbury, CT
28226 High Street26 High StreetNew Haven, CT
587Linsly-Chittenden63 High StreetNew Haven, CT
594Weir Hall66 High StreetNew Haven, CT
599Dwight Hall & Chapel67 High StreetNew Haven, CT
602Jonathan Edwards Colllege68 High StreetNew Haven, CT
623Branford College74 High StreetNew Haven, CT
51Sterling Memorial Library120 High StreetNew Haven, CT
45AmeriCares Free Clinic of Bridgeport115 Highland AvenueBridgeport, CT
487416 Highland Avenue416 Highland AvenueCheshire, CT
106Calvin Hill Day Care150 Highland StreetNew Haven, CT
40Bethany Observatory111 Hilldale RoadBethany, CT
2Warner House1 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
12Dunham Laboratory10 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
50Leet Oliver Memorial Hall12 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
9615 Hillhouse Avenue15 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
13217 Hillhouse Avenue17 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
160Kirtland Hall2 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
24224 Hillhouse Avenue24 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
29727 Hillhouse Avenue27 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
31128 Hillhouse Avenue28 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
34430 Hillhouse Avenue30 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
368Allwin Hall31 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
39133 Hillhouse Avenue33 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
403Henry R. Luce Hall34 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
41235 Hillhouse Avenue35 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
43437 Hillhouse Avenue37 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
44338 Hillhouse Avenue38 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
49443 Hillhouse Avenue43 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
50946 Hillhouse Avenue46 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
54251 Hillhouse Avenue51 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
545Steinbach Hall52 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
556Horchow Hall55 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
570Thomas M. Evans Hall56 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
678Mason Laboratory9 Hillhouse AvenueNew Haven, CT
557Greenwich Hospital55 Holly Hill LaneGreenwich, CT
627Greenwich Hospital75 Holly Hill LaneGreenwich, CT
244Danbury Hospital24 Hospital AvenueDanbury, CT
605682-686 Howard Avenue682-686 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
622730 Howard Avenue730 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
638Clinic Building789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
639Dana Clinic Building789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
640Fitkin Memorial Pavilion789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
641Fitkin Memorial Pavilion Auditorium789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
642Magnetic Resonance Center789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
643Primary Care Center, Yale New Haven Hospital789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
644Tompkins East Building789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
645Tompkins Memorial Pavilion789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
652Yale Physicians Building800 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
654801 Howard Avenue801 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
663840 Howard Avenue840 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
676874 Howard Avenue874 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
60368 Hurlbutt Road68 Hurlbutt RoadGales Ferry, CT
245Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Spring Brook Common240 Indian River RoadOrange, CT
179Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Torrington200 Kennedy DriveTorrington, CT
628TLC Laser Eye Center75 Kings Highway CutoffFairfield, CT
64125A Kings Highway North125A Kings Highway NorthWestport, CT
633Yale New Haven Health Greenwich Hospital77 Lafayette PlaceGreenwich, CT
63477 Lafayette Place77 Lafayette PlaceGreenwich, CT
635Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Greenwich77 Lafayette PlaceGreenwich, CT
69099-101 Lake Place (33 Dixwell Avenue)99-101 Lake PlaceNew Haven, CT
91Library Shelving Facility147 Leeder Hill DriveHamden, CT
506Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Meriden455 Lewis AvenueMeriden, CT
147Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital184 Liberty StreetNew Haven, CT
558Yale Health Center55 Lock StreetNew Haven, CT
31 Long Wharf Drive1 Long Wharf DriveNew Haven, CT
107150 Long Wharf Drive150 Long Wharf DriveNew Haven, CT
113Lew Walpole Library154 Main StreetFarmington, CT
114Walpole Library Day Museum154 Main StreetFarmington, CT
115Walpole Library Operations Building154 Main StreetFarmington, CT
119Timothy Root House158 Main StreetFarmington, CT
150Yale Diagnostic Radiology190 Main StreetEast Haven, CT
2682526 Main Street2526 Main StreetStratford, CT
2812595 Main Street2595 Main StreetStratford, CT
2932660 Main Street2660 Main StreetBridgeport, CT
314St. Vincent’s Medical Center2800 Main StreetBridgeport, CT
319Yale Otolaryngology2874 Main StreetStratford, CT
3212909 Main Street2909 Main StreetStratford, CT
448Medical Center of West Haven385 Main StreetWest Haven, CT
5134699 Main Street4699 Main StreetBridgeport, CT
567556 Main Street556 Main StreetEast Haven, CT
224227 Mansfield Street227 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
225Marsh Botanical Garden227 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
226Marsh Botanical Garden Greenhouse 1227 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
227Marsh Botanical Garden Greenhouse 3227 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
228Marsh Botanical Garden Greenhouse 4227 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
229Government Greenhouse229 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
296Marsh Botanical Garden Greenhouse 2269 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
302Marsh Garden Garage265 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
309279 Mansfield Street279 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
322291 & 295 Mansfield Apartments291 & 295 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
337293 & 297 Mansfield Apartments293 & 297 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
360303-305 Mansfield Apartments303-305 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
364307-309 Mansfield Apartments307-309 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
60468 Mansfield Street68 Mansfield StreetNew Haven, CT
404Norwalk Hospital34 Maple StreetNorwalk, CT
610Meigswood Condo7 Meigs AvenueMadison, CT
82141 Mill Hill Avenue141 Mill Hill AvenueBridgeport, CT
223Bridgeport Hospital-226 Mill Hill Avenue226 Mill Hill AvenueBridgeport, CT
428L & M Hospital Community Cancer Center365 Montauk AvenueNew London, CT
429Lawrence + Memorial Hospital365 Montauk AvenueNew London, CT
710Bowen ForestMt. HollyMt. Holly, VT
711Emery PondNew Quarry RoadGuilford, CT
598665 North Colony Road665 North Colony RoadWallingford, CT
85144 North Main Street144 North Main StreetBranford, CT
662Yale Heart and Vascular Outpatient Services84 North Main StreetBranford, CT
519Amity Animal Farm Building B48 Old Amity RoadBethany, CT
520Amity Animal Farm Building C48 Old Amity RoadBethany, CT
521Amity Animal Farm Building A48 Old Amity RoadBethany, CT
522Amity Animal Farm Building D48 Old Amity RoadBethany, CT
523Amity Animal Farm Care Res48 Old Amity RoadBethany, CT
305Guilford Biological Field Station276 Old Quarry RoadGuilford, CT
306Guilford Biological Fields Garage276 Old Quarry RoadGuilford, CT
501436 Orange Street436 Orange StreetNew Haven, CT
395Orchard Medical Center330 Orchard StreetNew Haven, CT
301050 Park Avenue1050 Park AvenueNew York, NY
562Park Avenue Medical Center5520 Park AvenueTrumbull, CT
563Trumbull Care Center5520 Park AvenueTrumbull, CT
564Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute5520 Park AvenueTrumbull, CT
565Trumbull Radiation Oncology Center5520 Park AvenueTrumbull, CT
4Yale New Haven Children's Hospital1 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
5Yale New Haven Hospital - West Pavilion1 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
41111 Park Street111 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
191205 Park Street205 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
203211 Park Street211 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
206215 Park Street215 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
210217 Park Street217 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
288Pierson College261 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
405Connecticut Mental Health Center34 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
413Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven35 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
55955 Park Street55 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
59165 Park Street65 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
154Lawrence + Memorial Physicians - Cardiology, Waterford196 Parkway SouthWaterford, CT
382319 Peck Street319 Peck StreetNew Haven, CT
5315 Pequot Park Road5 Pequot Park RoadWestbrook, CT
532Greenwich Hospital5 Perryridge RdGreenwich, CT
533Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Greenwich Hospital5 Perryridge RdGreenwich, CT
66785 Poheganut Drive85 Poheganut DriveGroton, CT
143177 Post Road West177 Post Road WestWestport, CT
492425 Post Road425 Post RoadFairfield, CT
51046 Prince Street46 Prince StreetNew Haven, CT
6Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona1 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
46Rosenkranz Hall115 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
73Residential College 14 North130 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
74Grounds Maintenance Garage 2131 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
75Hlh46 Shed131 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
79Founders Hall135 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
97Becton Engineering & Applied Science Center15 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
129Osborn Memorial Lab165 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
153Kroon Hall195 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
186202 Prospect Street202 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
188204 Prospect Street204 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
192Sage-Bowers Hall205 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
201210-Prospect Street210 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
211Sloane Physics Lab217 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
212Kline Biology Tower219 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
221Sterling Chemistry Lab225 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
232230 Prospect Street230 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
241238 Prospect Street238 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
271254 Prospect Street254 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
272Kline Chemistry Lab255 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
304Class of 1954 Chemistry Research Building275 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
307276 Prospect Street276 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
350300 Prospect Street300 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
353300R Prospect Street300R Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
356301 Prospect Street301 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
373310 Prospect Street310 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
376Child Conduct Clinic314 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
402Farnam Gardens335 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
424Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium355 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
427Marsh Hall360 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
436Greeley Greenhouse370 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
437Greeley Memorial Lab370 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
449Esplanade Apartments A1-A9386 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
450Esplanade Apartments B1-B8386 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
451Esplanade Apartments C1-C8386 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
452Esplanade Apartments D1-D8386 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
453Esplanade Apartments E1-E8386 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
456Greenberg Conference Center391 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
457Betts House393 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
478406 Prospect Street406 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
479Sterling Divinity Quadrangle409 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
507459 Prospect Street459 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
508Prospect Street Garage459 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
543A.K. Watson Hall51 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
544Whitehall Apartments 511-521511-521 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
550Whitehall Apartments 533-543533-543 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
560Malone Engin Center55 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
63777 Prospect Street77 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
675Cedarhurst School871 Prospect StreetHamden, CT
679Residential College 13 South90 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
182Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center200 Retreat AvenueHartford, CT
683915 River Road915 River RoadMiddletown, CT
462Gales Ferry Boat House4 Riverside PlaceGales Ferry, CT
463Gales Ferry House4 Riverside PlaceGales Ferry, CT
464Gales Ferry Varsity House4 Riverside PlaceGales Ferry, CT
124Chase Outpatient Center160 Robbins StreetWaterbury, CT
589Waterbury Hospital64 Robbins StreetWaterbury, CT
312Gilder Boathouse280 Roosevelt DriveDerby, CT
1310 Sachem Street10 Sachem StreetNew Haven, CT
200Environmental Science Center21 Sachem StreetNew Haven, CT
466Grounds Maintenance Garage 140 Sachem StreetNew Haven, CT
485Science Hilll Sw Service Node41 Sachem StreetNew Haven, CT
581Watson Center60 Sachem StreetNew Haven, CT
621Ingalls Rink73 Sachem StreetNew Haven, CT
108150 Sargent Drive150 Sargent DriveNew Haven, CT
712Science Hill LandScience Hill LandNew Haven, CT
57Outdoor Education Center - Club House124 Scott RoadEast Lyme, CT
58Outdoor Education Center - Club House Silo124 Scott RoadEast Lyme, CT
59Outdoor Education Center - Farm Bldgs124 Scott RoadEast Lyme, CT
60Outdoor Education Center - Main Garage124 Scott RoadEast Lyme, CT
61Outdoor Education Center - Milk House124 Scott RoadEast Lyme, CT
62Outdoor Education Center - Old School House124 Scott RoadEast Lyme, CT
63Outdoor Education Center- Caretakers House124 Scott RoadEast Lyme, CT
687Children's & Family Health Center133 Scovill StreetWaterbury, CT
351Milford Hospital300 Seaside AveMilford, CT
315Yale Orthopaedics281 Seaside AvenueMilford, CT
419Griffin Health Radiation Oncology350 Seymour AvenueDerby, CT
80136 Sherman Avenue136 Sherman AvenueNew Haven, CT
139175 Sherman Avenue175 Sherman AvenueNew Haven, CT
145180 Sherman Avenue180 Sherman AvenueNew Haven, CT
713Crowell Ravine ForestSouth DuxburySouth Duxbury, VT
233Neison Irving Harris Building230 South Frontage RoadNew Haven, CT
601675 South Main Street675 South Main StreetCheshire, CT
126160 St. Ronan Street160 St. Ronan StreetNew Haven, CT
140175 St. Ronan Street175 St. Ronan StreetNew Haven, CT
608Central Campus Chiller Plant690 State StreetNew Haven, CT
681911 Streetate Street911 State StreetNew Haven, CT
682911 State Street911 State StreetNew Haven, CT
118Orthopaedics - Middlebury1579 Straits TurnpikeMiddlebury, CT
1271625 Straits Turnpike1625 Straits TurnpikeMiddlebury, CT
691290 Summer Street1290 Summer StreetStamford, CT
615700 Summer Street700 Summer StreetStamford, CT
83142 Temple Street142 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
357302 Temple Street302 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
385320 Temple Street,320 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
410Timothy Dwight College345 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
439370 Temple Street370 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
468Temple Medical Center40 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
475405 Temple Street405 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
489Helen Hadley Hall420 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
490421 Temple Street (58-64 Whitney Avenue)421 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
497432 Temple Street432 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
498433 Temple Street, (68-80 Whitney Avenue)433 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
499434 Temple Street434 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
502442 Temple Street442 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
582Temple Medical Center (60 Temple)60 Temple StreetNew Haven, CT
716Horse IslandThimble IslandsBranford, CT
163Ray Tompkins House20 Tower ParkwayNew Haven, CT
614Payne Whitney Gym70 Tower ParkwayNew Haven, CT
18New Res Hall/40 Ashmun100 Tower ParkwayNew Haven, CT
52Central Power Plant120 Tower ParkwayNew Haven, CT
91 Towne Park Place1 Towne Park PlazaNorwich, CT
51647 Trumbull Street47 Trumbull StreetNew Haven, CT
59566 Trumbull Street66 Trumbull StreetNew Haven, CT
64679 Trumbull Street79 Trumbull StreetNew Haven, CT
67487 Trumbull Street87 Trumbull StreetNew Haven, CT
120Linsley Pond159 Twin Lakes RoadNorth Branford, CT
121Linsley Pond Shed159 Twin Lakes RoadNorth Branford, CT
369Rockville General Hospital31 Union StreetManchester, CT
323Outdoor Education Center - Cabin 7291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
324Outdoor Education Center - Cabin 8291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
325Outdoor Education Center - Cabins 1 & 2291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
326Outdoor Education Center - Cabins 3 & 4291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
327Outdoor Education Center - Cabins 5 & 6291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
328Outdoor Education Center - Cabins 9 & 10291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
329Outdoor Education Center - Dining Hall291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
330Outdoor Education Center - Hopkins Pavilion291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
331Outdoor Education Center - Lodge (Former)291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
332Outdoor Education Center - Maintenance Bldg291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
333Outdoor Education Center - Outdoor Educ Ctr291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
334Outdoor Education Center - Recreation Cabin291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
335Outdoor Education Center-Group Camp Shelter291 Upper Pattagansett RdEast Lyme, CT
98Greenwich Hospital15 Valley DriveGreenwich, CT
649Eastport North Business Park8 Vista DriveOld Lyme, CT
185Greenwich Hospital2015 W. Main StreetStamford, CT
539Greenwich Hospital500 West Putnam AvenueGreenwich, CT
19William L. Harkness Hall100 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
29Woodbridge Hall105 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
37Bass Library110 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
42Hewitt Univ Quadrangle111 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
55Hewitt University Quadrangle121 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
66Sterling Law Buildings127 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
67Goldman Law Library Annex127 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
54953 Wall Street53 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
59666 Wall Street66 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
59766 Wall Street Garage66 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
65681 Wall Street81 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
65982 Wall Street82-90 Wall StreetNew Haven, CT
28Amistad Street Park104 Washington AvenueNew Haven, CT
58360 Washington Avenue60 Washington AvenueHamden, CT
316Connecticut Children’s Medical Center282 Washington StreetHartford, CT
317285 Washington Street285 Washington StreetHartford, CT
388William W. Backus Hospital326 Washington StreetNorwich, CT
234Lawrence + Memorial Cancer Center230 Waterford Parkway SouthWaterford, CT
647Wawecus Medical Center79 Wawecus StreetNorwich, CT
52448 Wellington Road48 Wellington RoadMilford, CT
151190 West Broad Street190 West Broad StreetStamford, CT
717West Campus100 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
718West Campus-Entire SiteWest WindsorOrange, CT
20West Campus Welcome Center100 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
183200 West Campus Drive200 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
213West Campus Administrative Office South220 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
235West Campus Childcare Center230 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
247West Campus Grounds Maintenance Garage240 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
262West Campus Warehouse West250 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
473West Campus Yale School of Nursing400 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
476West Campus Office Complex Conn405 West Campus DriveOrange, CT
486West Campus Office Complex410 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
540West Campus Reactions Research Lab500 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
546West Campus Energy Science Center520 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
586West Campus Molecular Innovations Center600 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
616West Campus Power Plant700 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
618West Campus Envir Health & Safety Storage720 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
629West Campus Environmental Health & Safety Storage750 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
653West Campus Conference Center800 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
660West Campus Genome Analysis Center830 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
664West Campus Advanced Biosciences Center840 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
670West Campus Integrative Science & Technology Center850 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
680West Campus Collection Street Center900 West Campus DriveWest Haven, CT
149Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Sharon19 West Main StreetSharon, CT
184201 West Main Street201 West Main StreetNiantic, CT
255DaVita Branford Dialysis Center249 West Main StreetBranford, CT
389326 West Main Street326 West Main StreetMilford, CT
122159 West Putnam Avenue159 West Putnam AvenueGreenwich, CT
719Cross WoodsWest WindsorWest Windsor, VT
921475 Whalley Avenue1475 Whalley AvenueNew Haven, CT
491188 Whitney Avenue1188 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT
56122 Whitney Avenue122 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
130Edward P. Evans Hall165 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
135Peabody Museum170 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
161Whitney Grove Square2 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
193205 Whitney Avenue205 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
1972080 Whitney Avenue2080 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT
198Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Hamden2080 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT
202Kline Geology Lab210 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
207Grounds Maintenance Garage 3215 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
215Spring Glen Medical Center2200 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT
216221 Whitney Avenue221 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
236Yale Biology Building230 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
237Science Hill Se Service Node230 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
2502447 Whitney Avenue2447 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT
283Yale Science Building260 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
291Bass Center266 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
295Wright Lab - West268 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
301Electron Accelerator Lab270 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
303Wright Lab272 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
336291 Whitney Avenue291 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
359303 Whitney Avenue303 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
407340 Whitney Avenue340 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
454389 Whitney Avenue389 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
56155 Whitney Avenue55 Whitney AvenueNew Haven, CT
566Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Newington555 Willard AvenueNewington, CT
3611 Woodland Road11 Woodland RoadMadison, CT
23023 Woodland Road23 Woodland RoadMadison, CT
5786 Woodland Road6 Woodland RoadMadison, CT
88Hartford Square West146 Wyllys StreetHartford, CT
504Intramural Practice A45 Yale AvenueNew Haven, CT
21100 York Street100 York StreetNew Haven, CT
68Crown Towers129 York StreetNew Haven, CT
81York-Crown Apartments 139-143139-143 York StreetNew Haven, CT
89146 York Street146 York StreetNew Haven, CT
94149 York Street149 York StreetNew Haven, CT
100Lippard Lab for Clinical Investigation15 York StreetNew Haven, CT
101Hunter Building15 York StreetNew Haven, CT
99Laboratory for Medicine and Pediatrics (LMP)15 York StreetNew Haven, CT
146Rudolph Hall180 York StreetNew Haven, CT
152Loria Center190 York StreetNew Haven, CT
165Yale New Haven Hospital20 York StreetNew Haven, CT
187202 York Street202 York StreetNew Haven, CT
189Graduate-Proffesional Student Center204 York StreetNew Haven, CT
204212 York Street212 York StreetNew Haven, CT
214220 York Street220 York StreetNew Haven, CT
219University Theatre222 York StreetNew Haven, CT
238Rose Alumni House232 York StreetNew Haven, CT
252Davenport College248 York StreetNew Haven, CT
257Winchester Building25 York StreetNew Haven, CT
290264 York Street264 York StreetNew Haven, CT
292266-268 York Street (254 Elm)266-268 York StreetNew Haven, CT
308276-286 York Street276-286 York StreetNew Haven, CT
358Ezra Stiles College302 York StreetNew Haven, CT
362Morse College304 York StreetNew Haven, CT
386Hall of Graduate Studies320 York StreetNew Haven, CT
68998 York Street98 York StreetNew Haven, CT
714Yale New Haven Gamma Knife Center At Smilow Cancer Hospital35 Park StreetNew Haven, CT
7308 Devine Street8 Devine StreetNorth Haven, CT
731Stamford Hospital1 Hospital PlazaStamford, CT
732Building 21171 East Putnam AvenueGreenwich, CT
733Lippard Laboratory of Clinical Investigation (LLCI)15 York StreetNew Haven, CT
734Old Saybrook Medical Center633 Middlesex TurnpikeOld Saybrook, CT
735Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center - Waterford230 Waterford Parkway SouthWaterford, CT
736Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Yale New Haven - Saint Francis Campus114 Woodland StreetHartford, CT
737Lawrence + Memorial Medical Office Building194 Howard StreetNew London, CT
738Yale Dermatology - Branford322 East Main StreetBranford, CT
73932 Elm Street32 Elm StreetNew Haven, CT
740260 Long Ridge Road260 Long Ridge RoadStamford, CT
741Yale LGBTQ Mental Health Initiative276 5th AvenueNew York, NY
743Women’s Center for Health and Midwifery200 Orchard StreetNew Haven, CT
744Women's Center, Yale New Haven Hospital789 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
745Center for Women's Health and Midwifery200 Orchard StreetNew Haven, CT
746Yale Gynecology Westport125 Kings Highway NorthWestport, CT
747The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness at Griffin Hospital350 Seymour AvenueDerby, CT
748Norwalk Pediatric Specialty Center747 Belden AvenueNorwalk, CT
749Pediatric Specialty Center500 West Putnam AvenueGreenwich, CT
750Trumbull Pediatric Specialty Center5520 Park AvenueTrumbull, CT
751Silver Hill Hospital208 Valley RoadNew Canaan, CT
752The Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital350 Seymour AvenueDerby, CT
753Yale Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery2000 Post RoadFairfield, CT
7542600 Post Road2600 Post RoadFairfield, CT
755129 Kings Highway129 Kings Highway NorthWestport, CT
75615 Corporate Drive15 Corporate DriveTrumbull, CT
7574775 Main Street4775 Main StreetBridgeport, CT
7581825 Barnum Avenue1825 Barnum AvenueStratford, CT
759Behavioral Health Services at Hamden (BHSH)95 Circular AvenueHamden, CT
760Yale Pathology Labs310 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
761728 Howard Avenue728 Howard AvenueNew Haven, CT
76245 Wells Street45 Wells StreetWesterly, RI
763Yale Medicine Ophthalmology200 Sandy Hollow RoadGroton, CT
764Yale Medicine Ophthalmology206 Church StreetGuilford, CT
7651970 Whitney Avenue1970 Whitney AvenueHamden, CT
76629 Hospital Plaza29 Hospital PlazaStamford, CT
769West Haven Mental Health Clinic270 Center StreetWest Haven, CT
770Yale Center for Asylum Medicine367 Cedar StreetNew Haven, CT
771250 Indian River Road250 Indian River RoadOrange, CT
772220 E. 23rd St.220 East 23rd StreetNew York, NY
773Northeast Medical Group - Multispecialty Center - Rye Brook90 South Ridge StreetRye Brook, NY
77435 Wells Street35 Wells StreetWesterly, RI
775350 George Street350 George StreetNew Haven, CT
776495 Hawley Lane495 Hawley LaneStratford, CT
777Nathan Smith Clinic15 York StreetNew Haven, CT
778Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Glastonbury31 Sycamore StreetGlastonbury, CT
779Greenwich Medical Building49 Lake AvenueGreenwich, CT
780Yale Heart & Vascular Center500 West Putnam AvenueGreenwich, CT
7813018 Dixwell Avenue3018 Dixwell AvenueHamden, CT
782Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Westerly25 Wells StreetWesterly, RI
783Smilow Cancer Genetics & Prevention Program1000 Asylum AvenueHartford, CT
784Yale Medicine Neurology75 Kings Highway CutoffFairfield, CT
785Yale Medicine Neurology670 Boston Post RoadMilford, CT
7862 Science Park50 Division StreetNew Haven, CT
787New London Buprenorphine Clinic931 Bank StreetNew London, CT
788115 Main Street115 Main StreetTuckahoe, NY
789Greenwich Fertility115 Main StreetTuckahoe, NY
7903 Prospect Street3 Prospect StreetNew Haven, CT
791Yale Medicine Multispecialty800 Boston Post RoadGuilford, CT
793Genomic Expression100 Cummings CenterBeverly, MA
794APC Health LLC2825 Miller Ranch RoadPearland, TX
795Direct Diagnostics, LLC3055 Hunter RoadSan Marcos, TX
796Mirimus Laboratory760 Parkside AvenueBrooklyn, NY
797New York Genome Center101 6th AvenueNew York, NY
798myGenomics, LLC11535 Park Woods CircleAlpharetta, GA
799Battelle Memorial Institute1425 Plain City-Georgesville Road SoutheastGalloway, OH
800Tulane (Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)1430 Tulane AvenueNew Orleans, LA
801Wyoming Public Health Laboratory208 South College DriveCheyenne, WY
802Pearl Medical Practice, PLLC2202 Buechel AvenueLouisville, KY
803Dynix Diagnostix LLC2260 North US Highway 1Fort Pierce, FL
804Global 7 Diagnostics3240 Pointe Parkway NorthwestNorcross, GA
805Wichita State University4174 OliverWichita, KS
806Nephron Clinical Lab4500 12th Street ExtensionWest Columbia, SC
807Access Medical Laboratories, Inc.5151 Corporate WayJupiter, FL
808RenegadeXBio, PBC5700 Martin Luther King Junior WayOakland, CA
809Kansas Health & Environmental Laboratories6810 South East Dwight StreetTopeka, KS
810Hennepin County Medical Center701 Park AvenueMinneapolis, MN
811UCI Student Health Center825 Health Sciences RoadIrvine, CA
812Boise State University2133 West Cesar Chavez LaneBoise, ID
813Psomagen1330 Piccard DriveRockville, MD
814Suretox Laboratory241 Molnar DriveElmwood Park, NJ
815Baxter Regional Medical Center, Main Laboratory624 Hospital DriveMountain Home, AR
816Breakthrough Genomics25 MauchlyIrvine, CA
820Idaho One Health Network (IOHN)4455 South Meridian RoadMeridian, ID
821Health Research Institute505 Dimick DriveFairfield, IA
822Unique Lab Solutions (site 1)855 Silvery LaneDearborn, MI
823Physicians Laboratory Services, Inc.4840 F StreetOmaha, NE
824Advaite Inc.2201 West Campbell Park DriveChicago, IL
825Cytometry Specialists, Inc.2580 Westside ParkwayAlpharetta, GA
826Delaware State University Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory3931 Kirkwood HighwayWilmington, DE
827Santiam Hospital Lab1401 North 10th AvenueStayton, OR
828Valley Medical Laboratory2428 East 117th StreetBurnsville, MN
829Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory850 Marina Bay ParkwayRichmond, CA
830Elevation Diagnostics2115 North Scranton StreetAurora, CO
832PCG Molecular LLC1230 Bald Ridge Marina RoadCumming, GA
833DuPage Medical Group - Lockport Lab1206 East 9th StreetLockport, IL
835Aperture Next-Gen Laboratory609 West 15th StreetPlano, TX
836Paratus Diagnostics3055 Hunter RoadSan Marcos, TX
837Endeavor DNA, Inc.6955 North Mesa StreetEl Paso, TX
838Altius Diagnostics Laboratory12100 Northup WayBellevue, WA
839Reentry Resource Center480 Bond StreetBridgeport, CT
840Intercommunity Inc16 Coventry StreetHartford, CT
841Marquette University Department of Clinical Laboratory Science560 North 16th StreetMilwaukee, WI
842Gene by Gene1445 North Loop WestHouston, TX
843Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (LADDL)River RoadBaton Rouge, LA
844Shodair Children's Hospital Department of Medical Genetics2755 Colonial DriveHelena, MT
845Protean Biodiagnostics Inc.6555 Sanger RoadOrlando, FL
846US Specialty Labs11588 Sorrento Valley RoadSan Diego, CA
847University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Veterinary Diagnostic Center)4040 East Campus LoopLincoln, NE
848Truman Medical Center - Hospital Hill2301 Holmes StreetKansas City, MO
849Mitchell County Regional Health Center (MCRHC)616 North 8th StreetOsage, IA
8501CARE Medical Diagnostics685 Stone RoadBenicia, CA
851Premier Medical Lab Services6000 Pelham RoadGreenville, SC
852Religen Inc.5110 Campus DrivePlymouth Meeting, PA
853Cheshire Medical520 Court StreetKeene, NH
854University of Minnesota2231 6th Street SoutheastMinneapolis, MN
855Emory University (ELIAD)101 Woodruff CircleAtlanta, GA
856Clear Molecular708 East Tarpon AvenueTarpon Springs, FL
857Warrior Diagnostics6215 Aviation CircleLoveland, CO
858HHMI Clinical Laboratory19700 Helix DriveAshburn, VA
859TeVido BioDevices10931 Jollyville RoadAustin, TX
860Eastgene Laboratories42-18 162nd StreetQueens, NY
861Northwest Pathology, P.S.3548 Meridian StreetBellingham, WA
862Genview Diagnosis Inc.5252 Hollister StreetHouston, TX
863BioExcel Diagnostics2636 South Loop WestHouston, TX
864Endeavor DNA Inc.1229 Creekway DriveSugar Land, TX
865ADVAITE, Inc.365 Phoenixville PikeMalvern, PA
866Genemarkers126 East South StreetKalamazoo, MI
867Virant Diagnostics LLC11002 Veirs Mill RoadSilver Spring, MD
868Ingenious Personalized Medicine1065 Northeast 125th StreetNorth Miami, FL
869STAT MedLab3408 North Eastern AvenueLos Angeles, CA
870VACC Laboratories4582 North 1st AvenueTucson, AZ
871Alcala Labs3703 Camino del Rio SouthSan Diego, CA
872Control Panel Inc.953 Indiana StreetSan Francisco, CA
876DuPage Medical Group Lockport Lab1206 East 9th StreetLockport, IL
877St Louis County Public Health (Environmental Health Laboratory)6121 North Hanley RoadBerkeley, MO
878Public Health Laboratory of East Texas11949 U.S. 271Tyler, TX
879Aptitude Clinical Diagnostics125 Cremona DriveGoleta, CA
880Michigan Health Laboratories - Michigan Health Clinics4707 East McLeod DriveSaginaw, MI
881Cordant Health Solutions2617 East L StreetTacoma, WA
882Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center2825 East Barnett RoadMedford, OR
886Lawrence & Memorial Wound & Hyperbaric Center40 Boston Post RoadWaterford, CT
887Mohegan Sun2 Sandy Desert RoadMontville, CT
8883 Shaws Cove3 Shaws CoveNew London, CT
889195 Church Street195 Church StreetNew Haven, CT
890176 Toll Gate Road176 Toll Gate RoadWarwick, RI
891145 Huguenot St145 Huguenot StreetNew Rochelle, NY
892Arbor Vita Corporation48371 Fremont BoulevardFremont, CA
893Q Squared Solutions27027 Tourney RoadSanta Clarita, CA
894MAJL Diagnostics Laboratories6290 McDonough Drive NorthwestNorcross, GA
895Neelyx Labs330 Georgetown SquareWood Dale, IL
896Simple Laboratories7444 West Wilson AvenueHarwood Heights, IL
897Tempus Labs600 West Chicago AvenueChicago, IL
898Capital Health Laboratory152 New Jersey 35Keyport, NJ
899Communitylab2 Trident DriveArden, NC
900SDxLabs1501 Preble AvenuePittsburgh, PA
901Recon Diagnostics3810 Medical ParkwayAustin, TX
902University Of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health780 Ringgold RoadBrownsville, TX
903Lynx Healthcare12709 Mirabeau ParkwaySpokane Valley, WA
904270 George Street270 George StreetNew Haven, CT
9054A Devine Street4a Devine StreetNorth Haven, CT
90767 Masonic Avenue67 Masonic AvenueWallingford, CT
908McGivney Advanced Surgery Center659 George StreetNew Haven, CT
909AlbaNYlabs LLC150 New Scotland AvenueAlbany, NY
910SeqMatic LLC44846 Osgood RoadFremont, CA
911Test Well1233 Ski Run BoulevardSouth Lake Tahoe, CA
91237 College Street37 College StreetNew Haven, CT
913VA Connecticut Healthcare Errera Community Care Center - Orange Annex200 Edison RoadOrange, CT
914325 Riverside Ave325 Riverside AvenueWestport, CT
915Yale Medicine Ophthalmology914 Hartford TurnpikeWaterford, CT