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Clinical Trials Listing

Rather than adding new clinical trials to your site adhoc, using the Clinical Trials component will pull in information from the Clinical Trials System, a function much like the News Listing and PubMed Feed.

What You Will Learn

  • How to pull information from the clinical trials system
  • How to use this information to create an organized listing of clinical trials to your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create Clinical Trial Listing component; enter the correct Organization ID and Faculty Directory Link component.
  2. Insert Clinical Trial Listing component as "Clinical Trial Listing" or "Clinical Trials Search" or "Clinical Trials Search Widget" template

Clinical Trials Instructions

  1. Create a new component and select "Clinical Trial Listing" or "Clinical Trial Search" from the schema menu.
  2. Populate your "Clinical Trial Listing" or "Clinical Trial Search" schema with the following information:
    • Title: This is the title that will display above the Clinical Trial table.
    • Filters: Choose one of the following filters to limit the trials that display:
      • Investigator Filter: Filters trials based on trial investigator's ID (the "UserID" that appears at the top of an individual's profile page in
      • Category Filter: Filters based on trial categories. Please refer to the table.
      • OrgID Filter: Filters based on the Organization's ID from the Profile System and will return all trials tagged with that organization.
      • Healthy Volunteers: If this box is checked, all trials in the system which are accepting healthy volunteers will display.
    • Save & Close once finished.
  3. With your component created, go into the Root Folder of your publication.
  4. Insert the "Clinical Trial Listing" or "Clinical Trial Search" component you created on the page using the "Clinical Trial Listing" or "Clinical Trials Search" or "Clinical Trials Search Widget" component template.
  5. Save & Close, then Publish your page.