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Web-Based Tools & SDL Integration

There are several systems created by the Office of Communications which are managed outside of Tridion but can feed information into Tridion sites. These systems ensure consistency and avoid duplication of content which is appropriate for multiple sites, in addition to allowing users without knowledge of Tridion to update web content.

  • All YSM sites are required to utilize the Profile System when adding listings of faculty members. The YSM Office of Communications does not manage or edit profiles themselves (this is the responsibility of faculty, staff, and/or their administrative assistants), but assists in developing and editing the component that allows for the people listing to appear on your site.
  • Many departments want to publicize their news to the public, whether patients or prospective students/postdoc fellows. Tridion offers news components that create clean, sortable layouts for displaying news on the web. As part of the Faculty Profile System, the News Module pulls information from a database outside Tridion to display content on your site.

  • The YSM Office of Communications frequently receives requests for assistance with inserting and/or editing calendars. While we provide instructions for how to implement a calendar on your site, we do not edit the content on your organization's calendar, such as editing existing events.
  • Rather than adding new clinical trials to your site adhoc, using the Clinical Trials component will pull in information from the Clinical Trials System, a function much like the News Listing and PubMed Feed.
  • Use these instructions to apply security to a page on your Tridion site.

  • In addition to including standard text directions, you can add Google maps to your page. Google maps have been integrated with the Faculty Profile System to enable YSM websites to easily create maps using data stored in the faculty profile system.

Web-Based Tools

To learn more about using the web-based tools themselves, such as our faculty profile system and Qualtrics, click here.

Advanced Templates

For advanced instructions on working with SDL, click below: