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Adding Text Content

There are several different schemas (types of components) that allow you to put basic text content on a page. The most common schema is the "Content" component, which provides you with a variety of options to display text. Content components are used to insert paragraphs onto a page, and is where you will make the majority of your text edits.

This section will cover how to add basic text, how to add more complex text formats, and how to add text structures to your page.

Quick Links for Building:

Page Titles

Page Title components are most often used when your page has limited and/or no text, but features multimedia content like image or video galleries. They can also be used within a page when you want to break up text from multimedia content inserted in the center area of the page.

Creating a Page Title component is simple. Select "Create New Component," and choose "Page Title" from the schema drop down menu. Enter the title of your page. If appropriate add subtitle, an image, or intro text. Hit Save & Close. When you're ready to insert this on your page, choose "Content Full," "Content Summary," or "Content Summary with Overlay" from the template drop down menu. Make sure that your page title is listed in the order that you want it to appear on your page!

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and insert page titles (also considered "headlines") on your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create Page Title component
  2. Insert onto page as "Content Full," "Content Summary," or "Content Summary with Overlay" template

Page Title Example

Page Title subtitle text

Working with Components

This video demonstrates what Tridion components are, how to create them, and how to edit them.