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A redesigned Yale Medicine debuts online, in print, and on the iPad

February 10, 2014

Yale Medicine, which began in the 1960s as an alumni magazine and has been the medical school’s publication of record for close to half a century, has reinvented itself as an interactive news and information source, dedicated to covering Yale news and emerging stories in medicine and biomedical science for a wide readership.

The debut issue of the redesigned magazine was published today, accompanied by an expanded website and an iPad app that includes video and additional content.

The inaugural issue examines the quickly expanding field of bioimaging. Advances in imaging technology over the last several decades have enabled an ever more detailed view of the internal structures of organisms as well as their functions, from the level of molecules and cells to that of tissues, organs, and body. The issue explores the history of biomedical imaging and examines how scientists at Yale are developing new ways of seeing smaller and smaller structures.”

Yale Medicine will devote each issue to in-depth exploration of a current topic in science and medicine, with feature articles, interviews, photographs, commentary, historical material, and multimedia shedding light on the subject from varied perspectives. Alumni notes and the in memoriam listings have moved from print to the Alumni & Friends in Medicine website.

Visit Yale Medicine on the web at, where you can download the iPad app, view online-only content, and search back issues of the magazine.

Submitted by Michael Fitzsousa on January 15, 2014