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Key Terms

Review these key terms before proceeding to the following sections.


Publications, which represent websites, are listed in the left column of SDL Tridion (the Publication list). You will only see sites which you have been granted permission to edit.

Parent publications - labeled with a (1) suffix - are the only publications which are not websites. Rather than containing a website, parent publications house content for all websites of a single department. Only large organizations with multiple websites have a parent publication.

Building Blocks Folder

Building Blocks folder (yellow) is where all website content, in the form of components, is built and saved. Within the "Content" folder you can create sub-folders named after pages and/or the navigation of your site.

For websites which have a parent publication (labelled with - (1)) all components should be created in the parent publication.


Components are individual pieces of content, whether in the form of text, images, maps, etc. One or more components may be used on a single page of your site. You will learn how to create components soon!


Your website's navigation will determine how visitors access the various pages of your site. The navigation is determined by how pages are organized within structure groups in the Root folder.

Root Folder

The Root folder (pink) of your publication contains all of the pages of your website. Additional folders (called structure groups) are created within the Root in order to organize the pages of your site and create navigation.

Structure Groups

Structure Groups are additional (pink) folders created within the Root folder. Structure groups are used to organize pages on your site and play an important role in determining the site's navigation. You will learn how to create Structure Groups soon!


Pages are essentially a blank slate which you will add content to in the form of components. A page without any components on it would appear as a blank page on your site. You can determine where a new page on your site will appear by creating it in a specific structure group within the Root folder.

Development Pane

The center window of the SDL Web interface. The publication or folder you choose from your list of publications will determine what displays in the development pane. All building and editing work will take place in this area.