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Static Questions

Static questions do not require any action from the respondent, and information in these questions is merely displayed to respondents. There are two types of static questions: Descriptive Text, and Graphics - both of which are described below. These types of questions function to provide more detail, instruction, and meaning to your respondent in order to gain more accurate answers.

To read more about the options for Static Questions please visit the Qualtrics Support website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Descriptive Text

Descriptive text allows for you to write instructions, clarifications, or meaningful content in the form of static paragraphs of text that may aid your respondent as they complete your survey or form. The function of the Descriptive text is comparable to the function of the Heading 1, Heading 2, and Instructions features in Form Builder.

To view how this function might appear in your form, please see Question 1 in the Example Survey.

Graphic Based Questions

The Graphic option allows you to insert an image that may need to be referenced by your respondents for more accurate answers to your questions. An example of an appropriate use of the Graphic question would be if you were to add a chart to your form, and in the following questions, ask respondents to reflect upon information provided in the chart.

To view how this function might appear in your form, please see Question 2 in the Example Survey.

Were you familiar with our legacy Form Builder Tool? We have created a single page cheat sheet to help you understand the flexibility now offered using Qualtrics, without sacrificing the options you had available in the Form Builder.

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