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Survey Logic

In addition, Qualtrics allows for conditional logic within the forms you create – allowing IF/THEN logic that was not available in Yale’s legacy system. You can also introduce Skip Logic, allowing multiple paths for respondents based on their answers to your questions. This allows for a more streamlined and personalized experience for your user.

Organizing Survey Flow

Qualtrics allows you to adjust the order of your survey at the topmost level - allowing you to sort survey questions into "blocks" or sections, and manipulate blocks accordingly. In order to access the Survey Flow options, click on the "Survey Flow" button once you have selected and opened your project.

In the Survey Flow, you will see a list of the question blocks, or groups of questions, in your survey. In basic surveys, you may see just one block.

The Survey Flow can be customized by adding new elements such as Branches (used to show certain blocks only to those who meet conditions you specify), Randomizers (used to randomly choose which Blocks each respondent will see), and a variety of other Elements.

Adjusting your Survey Flow can make for a more cohesive and more flexible survey - offering respondents different paths or loops based upon the their responses. For more information about how to adjust the Survey Flow for your project, please visit the article on the Qualtrics Support Site

Introducing Logic at the Question Level

Logic can be introduced for individual questions within blocks in two ways:

Display Logic
Display logic can be used to determine whether or not a specific question will show to a particular respondent based entirely on their answers to previous questions. For a more in depth review of how to apply Display Logic, click here to visit the article on Qualtrics Support website.

Skip Logic
Skip Logic can also be added to particular questions in order to determine whether or not a user will skip ahead to a different question depending on their answer. For a more in depth review of how to apply Skip Logic, click here to visit the article on the Qualtrics Support website.

Were you familiar with our legacy Form Builder Tool? We have created a single page cheat sheet to help you understand the flexibility now offered using Qualtrics, without sacrificing the options you had available in the Form Builder.

Click here to download our guide!