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Connecting Users to Your Form

You can make your form available to users in two different ways. For either option, you will first need to get a link to the Qualtrics survey you've created.

From your Qualtrics account, open the "Project," and then click the "Distributions" option in the top navigation. The "Distribute Survey" page will open and in the left column navigation, click the "Anonymous Link" option (pictured left, captioned "Retrieving Your Anonymous Link"). Copy the link provided in the body of the page for the next step.

Linking Out to the Survey

Qualtrics allows you to link out to the form hosted on the Qualtrics site. To link to your form, simply create a link or button on any appropriate page on your site using the "Anonymous Link" collected above.

Even though users will leave the YSM page to complete the form, the user's path following submission of a form can be customized in a variety of ways, including sending the user back to any page on your site that you choose.

We recommend linking out to your form as it is the quickest and easiest choice.

Customizing Survey Action Following Submission

If you do nothing, the user will submit their form and get the following message: "We thank you for your time spent taking this survey. Your response has been recorded."

To customize how your survey ends, click on the "Survey Options" button (pictured left, captioned, "Top Navigation") which will open a pop-up window. In the pop-up window, scroll to the "Survey Termination" section (pictured left, captioned "Survey Termination Options").

There are two options for survey endings in addition to the default:

  1. Custom End of Survey message - provide your own text, which could include a link back to any page you want. Your Qualtrics account will save this text which can be used on other surveys. This may be useful if you want the same custom message for multiple forms.
  2. Redirect to a full URL - automatically send the user to a page you specify after they submit their response. Please note that this will not display any final text, so you may want to add a message at the end of your survey to alert users that they will be directed back to your site when they submit the form in order to avoid any confusion.

Embedding Your Form on a New Page

If you prefer your form be accessed and completed within your site, you must create a new page. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new page for your website;
  2. Create a Code component;
  3. In the Code component, between an "<" and ">" - input this code:
    iframe src="DISTRIBUTION LINK" name="Qualtrics" scrolling="auto" frameborder="no" align="center" height="1900px" width="100%" id="Qualtrics"
  4. Replace ONLY the bold text above with the "Anonymous Link" to your Qualtrics Form you previously copied - ensure the link is still between quotation marks as seen pictured (left, captioned "Qualtrics Code Component");
  5. Save and close the component, attach it to the page you created, and publish; and finally
  6. Remember to create a link or button that directs users to this new page.
Please note that you MUST embed your form on a unique page with nothing in the left column, including any secondary navigation. The same survey termination options mentioned above may also be included.
Retrieving Your Anonymous Link
Top Navigation
Survey Termination Options
Qualtrics Code Component

Qualtrics Support Cheat Sheet

Were you familiar with our legacy Form Builder Tool? We have created a single page cheat sheet to help you understand the flexibility now offered using Qualtrics, without sacrificing the options you had available in the Form Builder.

Click here to download our guide!