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Form and Survey Builder

The Yale Web Services team is migrating from using the Tools Form Builder towards using the vended product - Qualtrics. Qualtrics is a survey and analytics tool, and provides over 100 different ways to ask a question. This opens up many possibilities and further flexibility for Yale School of Medicine’s users.

Accessing Qualtrics:

  1. Visit the Yale Qualtrics Homepage
  2. The first time you log into Qualtrics, you’ll be prompted to indicate whether or not you already have a Qualtrics account: Select "NO"
  3. Log In Using your NetID and Password
  4. Input the required account information, and agree to the Qualtrics Terms of Service.
  5. Create a project to begin.

In order to better organize the interface, questions have been separated into four categories:

  • Static
  • Standard
  • Specialty
  • Advanced

Each category of question serves a distinct purpose as to both the complexity of the question asked, and the detail desired in the answer.

In addition, Qualtrics allows for conditional logic within the forms you create – allowing IF/THEN logic that was not available in Yale’s legacy system. You can also introduce Skip Logic, allowing multiple paths for respondents based on their answers to your questions. This allows for a more streamlined and personalized experience for your user.

Were you familiar with our legacy Form Builder Tool? We have created a single page cheat sheet to help you understand the flexibility now offered using Qualtrics, without sacrificing the options you had available in the Form Builder.

Click here to download our guide!