Titles in WorkDay

In the News and People Profile System, there are two kinds of titles: 

  • Academic titles, such as Associate Professor. These are imported from the Yale Human Resources system of record, WorkDay. 
  • All other titles, such as administrative titles. These are manually entered in the News and People Profile System.  
Before an Academic title is imported into the News and People Profile System, it goes through a process in WorkDay called the "Title Blender". The Blender takes the pertinent appointment information from an appointee and generates the business title from that data. 

This means:
  1. The Business Title field for most faculty and other academic appointees will be auto-updated so that the title follows the standard algorithm for Academic Titles. In WorkDay, the Business Title field is on the Job Tab under Job Details. 
  2. If a Job Change business process or other business process involving the Position are in flux, the Blender will not update the business title due to the pending processes. 
  3. University Officers are NOT pulled into the Title Blender.
  4. If an individual does NOT have an academic appointment, a Business Title cannot be generated. 
  5. Only Primary, Fully Joint, Co-terminous Primary and/or Named Professorships are pulled into the Title Blender. Dual appointments (e.g., Department Chair, School Dean, etc), are NOT pulled into the title algorithm. 
  6. To see where the Title Blender updated a business title, in WorkDay from the Worker History, look for an Edit Position business process. The Person listed in the initiation field is the name of the integration - “YUHR – I1154…" 
  7. The Business Title gets pulled into the Identity IQ (IIQ) system and fed to the On-line Directory.
If you notice an incorrect title, please contact the WorkDay team at ysmacademic@yale.edu to request a correction.