Reactivate a Person in the Profile System

A person was incorrectly removed from my organization...

Scenario: You received an automated email from the News and People Profile System with a list of people who were automatically removed from your organization during the nightly sync process with Workday; however, some of those people are still active and should not have been removed. This page will discuss how to fix the problem.

The News and People Profile System imports a list of people and basic demographic information about those people from Workday, the Yale University system of record. There are a series of rules that govern who is considered to have an "active" affiliation with Yale. Anyone who does not meet the criteria is considered "inactive" and is removed from organization lists and public view in the News and People Profile System.

Each time the system syncs with Workday (as of October 2015, this will be done nightly), an email will be sent to each Organization Administrator with a list of people automatically added or removed from their organizations.

What to do

If a person has been removed by mistake, it most likely means that they have no active appointment or are inactive or terminated in Yale’s system of record. Please contact your organization's business office to update the individual’s appointment or to re-activate the individual’s record to the organization in Workday. This applies to all faculty (including voluntary, adjunct and retired) and staff (including staff affiliates).

Once the person has a valid record in Workday and the data has been synced with the profile system, they will be automatically added back to organization membership lists and the person will again be able to access their profile.

If you have questions, please email