Displaying Profile Information

Public profile displays can widely vary based on the information in the faculty's profile on profile.yale.edu. To generate profiles that look "complete", logic is applied to the layout. The following explains the logic that determines when the various information tabs display:


This tab will always display. The following information will display in this tab:

  • Department and Organization Membership
  • Biographical¬†description
  • Education and training
  • International activity
  • Honors and recognition
  • Professional Service¬†

Click here to learn more about org-specific bios.

Research and Publications

At least one of the following fields must be filled out for this tab to display:

  • Research interests
    • Mesh Keywords
    • Public Health Keywords
  • Research summary
  • Extensive description
  • Current projects
  • Publications

Patient Care

At least one of the following conditions must be met for this tab to display:

  • User is associated with a clinical trial.
  • At least one of the following fields is filled out in the profile system:
    • Physician Bio
    • "Do you see patients?" set to yes.
    • "Accepting new patients?" set to yes or inpatient consults only
    • "Accepts referrals?" set to anything but "Not Applicable"
    • Any age group of patients seen selected.
    • Mesh patient care keywords
    • Cancers Treated


If any addresses aside from a mailing address are associated with the profile and set to display publicly, this tab will appear and display a map of those locations.


If a user has any news items, the news tab will appear and display the user's news articles. If the user has more than 8 articles, the news tab will link out to a separate page where all of the user's news articles can be found.