Displaying Organization Information

Public organization displays can widely vary based on the information in their profile on profile.yale.edu. To generate profiles that look "complete", logic is applied to the layout. The following explains the logic that determines when the various information tabs display:

Information & Description

  • Organization Name
  • Organization ID (OrgID)
  • Parent Organizations*
  • Type
  • Website link
  • Mission (Education, Patient Care, and/or Research)
  • Display settings
  • Description

*These are higher organizations to which this organization reports. E.g., Internal Medicine is a parent organization for Rheumatology.

Members & Leaders

  • List of leaders and their titles
  • List of members

Contacts & Locations

  • Phone Numbers
  • Campus Mail Code
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Locations


This displays a list of organizations that report to this organization. E.g., Rheumatology is a sub-organization of Internal Medicine. 

Manage Display Groups

In our profile system, display groups serve as lists for certain organization members, such as department residents.

Patient Care

  • Specialties
  • Age Groups