Add Custom User Biographies that are Specific to an Organization

Example of an organization-specific bio

When organization-specific biographies are used, instead of linking directly to profiles, people listings will link to a page featuring the person's custom bio for that org, their headshot, and a link to their full profile.

People listings can be used to display information about each member of your organization on a page of your Tridion site. Generally, the information used for these listings comes from the information that faculty, staff, and their profile editors add to their individual profiles, including contact information, research and patient care interests, and biographies.

However, in certain cases, you may want to add a biography to a listing that is specific to a single organization or website, rather than a general description of a person's role at YSM. You can solve this problem using organization-specific biographies. To start using these custom biographies requires enabling them in the profile system, entering the bio into each member's profile, and making a minor change in Tridion.

Instructions to set up organization-specific biographies

In the Profile System

  1. First, enable custom bios in the profile system. Browse to the organization you'd like to use them for, and on the "Information & Description" page check the box for "Include custom member bios and titles specifically for this organization." (Figure A)
  2. Click "Save this section."
  3. Click the "Members & Leaders" item in the left navigation of the Profile System.
  4. Here you can edit the organization-specific biographies for each member of the organization (Figure B).
  5. Each individual member will also have the ability to edit their bio for this org in the "General Information" section of their profile (Figure C).

In Tridion

  1. To make these biographies appear in a listing on the website, open up Tridion and browse to the page on the website that uses a people listing (faculty directory component)
  2. Open the Faculty Directory component, and check the "Use organization-specific bios and titles" option.
  3. Save and close the component and the page, then publish the page.
  4. Create a new page in the directory with the name "Org Bio" and the file name "bio"
  5. Add the same "Faculty Directory" schema component used for the listing to this page twice, once using the "Org-Specific Profile" template and once using the "Org-Specific Profile Side" template.
  6. Save and close, then publish the page.
Enable custom biographies

Figure A: You can enable organization-specific biographies for an organization by checking off this option in the "Information & Description" page of an organizaton.

Organization admins can add/edit bios

Figure B: Organization admins can edit all the organization-specific biographies for orgs they manage via the "Members & Leaders" page.

Users can edit their own bios

Figure C: Members of an organization where org-specific biographies have been enabled can edit their bios on their "General Information" page in the Profile System admin tool.