News System Instructions

The News System
The news system is part of the faculty profile system. You can log in to the system by visiting, clicking on ‘edit a profile. The profile system contains profiles for people and organizations. If you browse to someone’s profile or to an organization’s profile, you’ll see that they both now have ‘news’ in the list of navigation items on the left. You can add news by going to that news page and clicking the ‘add news’ button or by clicking the news navigation item at the top and then clicking the ‘add news’ button. To get access to an organization in the faculty profile system, email with your name, netid, and the name of the organization to which you want access.

Downloadable Instructions

There are three types of news items to create. View PDF instructions for each type below:

  • External News
    Select this to build ONLY a picture and paragraph that links to an article on another website.
  • Internal News
    This is the most commonly used type of news. This is where you build a full article, with your own images, links, and text.
  • Yale News
    Select this ONLY to build a picture and paragraph that link over to the Yale News website. 

View additional instructions for each of the topics below:

  • Images
    This document will help you understand the different ways to include images in your article.
  • Tagging
    This document provides more instructions about tagging people and organizations to help your news article propagate throughout YSM websites.

For advanced users, view our Focused Help Documents on the following topics:

Tutorial Videos

Click here to watch two tutorial videos related to the News system.