Anesthesiology Case Study

At the request of the Anesthesiology department, we met to discuss general concerns about the status of their site.  One of the main issues raised by the department was that their primary focus, education and training, was not properly represented on the site. We conducted a standard review and the resulting document was given to the department for review. 

After a follow-up to discuss our recommendations, we began implementing the proposed changes. Once the new/updated content needed to populate the new structure was provided by the department, we finished the last of the edits.

A brief list of the major areas affected:

  • Top Navigation changed to emphasize content for residents, fellows, and medical students.
  • The Home Page content was updated and links were added to important internal pages.
  • The Education section was broken into its constituent parts in order to increase exposure for the individual fellowships and residency programs.

Below you will find an analysis of the changes implemented on several of the more problematic pages. These pages are representative of our approach.

Home Page

Old Home Page

Old Version

The old home page was simple and straightforward but did not make full use of the components present on the page. The images on the right were not directly associated with the content in the main column. By associating them with the summary components in the main column the links became sharper and more accessible. Moving the images left the right side open for a series of summary components that link to important pages in the site.
New Landing Page

New Version

The changes to the home page are not dramatic, but they pull the content together to direct the user to their page of interest.
  • Images attached to Summary Components
  • New Summaries added to the right column
  • The banner summary was removed in favor of incorporating the content in the main column
  • Emphasis was changed to educational programs in order to highlight strengths in the department that were obfuscated in the old format

About Us

Old About Us

Old Version

The old version of the About Us page contained many links without any explanation. There was also a large amount of content that was unbroken by images. The blurbs about Education and Research did not direct the user to those respective sections.
New About Us Landing Page

New Version

The revised version of the About Us Landing Page removes all unnecessarily content and acts as a gateway for the newly categorized content. The links in the left column are mirrored in the summaries, which allows for lateral navigation between pages after the user clicks on the topic they are most interested in.

Below is a gallery that organizes the subpages of the new About Us with a brief description of the changes that were made to them.


Education - Landing

Old Version

The old version of the page was unbalanced and the important aspects of the content were buried deep within this single directory. Additionally, the right column summaries did not enhance the user experience nor direct the user towards the interior content. 

  • The summaries in the main column pointed towards individual subcategories of content
  • The top two summaries in the right column point to pages inside the sub-directories, which can be confusing to certain users.

As part of the site-wide revisions the Education section was broken into its constituent parts in order to highlight and emphasize the possibilities of each program.

Education (Revised)

The revision breaks apart the education section in order to give each aspect more exposure.

Residency - New


The new Residency Landing Page reorganizes the content to make it far more accessible for prospective students.

  • Summary Grid links directly to the most important pages
  • Left Navigation brings all important sub-pages to the foreground
  • The Administration are prominently displayed for easy of contacting
Fellowships - Landing


The new Fellowships page is a portal to the two different kinds of fellowships.

  • The main column contains summary components with images
  • The two sub-pages contain all of the relevant information regarding the clinical and research fellowships
Medical Students

Medical Students

The new section for medical students consolidates all relevant information into an easily accessible format. There is no extraneous information in the section, which allows for the user to find exactly what they need.

  • Content is divided into three easily digestible tabs
  • Teaching Principles highlights why medical students would be interested in working with the Anesthesiology Department
  • Additional Opportunities talks about awards and electives
  • Courses gives a brief description of the major courses offered within the Anesthesiology Department for medical students.


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