Website Review

The Website Review service provides a systematic and professional review of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's website. 

Once the review has been completed, the organization may either implement the changes on their own, or, for an additional fee (based on the size of the site), the Web Group can make all the changes. This provides flexible options to help you determine how much work is required to achieve your organization's website goals and then create a budget or plan to implement the updates.

How It Works


  1. The YSM organization contacts the Web Group to request a site review, providing any information regarding their expectations and concerns regarding their site so the Web Group can incorporate them into their process.

  2. The Web Group will generate an agreement clearly outlining the responsibilities, cost and timeline of both parties, which must be signed before work begins.

  3. The Web Group will review the website, section-by-section, page-by-page.  A report, with specific concerns and recommendations for the site as a whole and particular to each page, will be submitted to the organization.  These concerns and recommendations include but are not limited to: 
    • overall architecture of the site
    • navigation
    • page layouts
    • content format
    • features and functionality usage
    • recommended updates to content.

  4. It generally takes up to two weeks (from the date the review begins) to solidify recommendations and provide the document to the organization for review.

  5. It is strongly recommended that after the organization has had an initial opportunity to review the report, a meeting to discuss the recommendations in more detail is scheduled at a mutually agreeable time.


  1. If the organization wishes, the Web Group will then implement the recommendations.  This phase takes 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the site and the complexity of the changes.

  2. Once the revisions are complete, a preview is sent and the organization has 1-2 weeks to review the new site and provide feedback.

  3. Any revisions are made and the new site is then pushed live. 

Follow-Up Editing

Once the overhaul of the site's layout and format is complete, many organizations then want to revise their content. With a fresh view of the material, out-of-date content as well as gaps in content become more apparent. We are more than happy to continue working with the organization to complete these content edits if so desired.


Email Justo Navarro to request more information.

Anesthesiology Case Study

At the request of the Anesthesiology department, we met to discuss general concerns about the status of their site.

Opthalmology Case Study

During the course of the yearly site review for the Ophthalmology department, we discovered opportunities to improve the site.