Site Building

This section of our site provides more information on the process of building a website in the YMS content management system and offers guidance on maintaining your new website’s content once it has gone live. Both official YSM organization websites and lab/personal faculty websites are built in SDL. The advantages and benefits of being in our system are numerous:

CMS Features

Because of our content management system, SDL, all YSM sites can take advantage of a large range of functionality, including:

  • Hundreds of content layout and format options
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Forms (approved to collect PHI)
  • Regularly updated functionality

Integrated Applications

In addition, there are a number of applications that are available through our systems, many of which do not require any significant expertise to use. They include:

  • Profile System
  • News System
  • Event Calendar
  • Form Builder


After your site is built and you take ownership, you will still benefit from our extensive and ongoing training and support.


Website Building Process

The process for updating or building a brand new site is a multi-stage process.

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Taking Ownership of Your Site

Once your project approaches completion, you need to get ready for taking ownership of your site.  Even after you take over, this page is a helpful reference guide.


Email Justo Navarro to request more information.

Organization Websites

Organization websites are built using all of the resources of the Web Group, providing the highest quality site for your department or group.

Lab and Faculty Websites

Like department and organization sites, lab and personal faculty websites are hosted in Tridion with all the features and functionality of a department site.