URL Policy

The School of Medicine strongly encourages all organizations, including departments, sections, programs, centers, and labs to use the standard medicine.yale.edu or publichealth.yale.edu domains when publishing information about their websites.

Vanity URLS

For marketing purposes, when requested, the Office of Communications will create vanity URLs using the foo.yale.edu format. For example, surgery.yale.edu instead of medicine.yale.edu/surgery. This can be used to advertise your organization in print and make it easier for potential visitors to remember. To request a vanity URL, email ysm.editor@yale.edu.

As of March 2018, to improve the SEO and security for school websites, all traffic will be rerouted from vanity domains to the medicine.yale.edu or publichealth.yale.edu domains. Vanity URLs will continue to function, but visitors will not see it in their browser address bar.

Other Extensions

The school does not permit creating new .org URLs and in no case is a .com, .net or other extension permitted for any school website. For SEO and brand consistency, the yale.edu URL gives school website search-engine legitimacy that other extensions cannot provide. If your organization has a business case for securing a URL with one of these extensions, please let us know via ysm.editor@yale.edu and we can work with you to make accommodations.

For more information about what sites must be hosted within the school's systems, please read the Building and Hosting Websites at YSM policy.

External Lab Websites and Redirects

Only lab websites are permitted to build outside of the school’s official templates (read the Building and Hosting Websites at YSM policy for guidelines).

If you choose to build outside of the school’s systems, we will redirect your previous medicine.yale.edu/lab URL to your new website for a maximum of one year.

Redirects to .com URLs are not permitted. We strongly encourage you to purchase a .org URL for external lab websites, but please note that the word “Yale” cannot be in the URL. Before a redirect is granted, the external website must comply with the Building and Hosting Websites at YSM policy.