Social Media Guidelines

Publishing under the Yale Name

Creating a social media account that represents the work you do at Yale is akin to publishing a magazine article about your work, with regards to all Yale policies that apply. Yale cares about any publishing, print or online, that uses the name “Yale.”

You Have Responsibility

It is very important that if a "Yale" account is started on any social media platform, the organization makes sure

  • That it is someone’s job to monitor it
  • That more than one person has access to it
  • That if the primary person leaves who is responsible for the account the responsibility for it gets transferred to someone else.

Common Sense

Stay away from objectionable language, internal politics, sensitive topics, etc. Use proper grammar and spelling.

Secrets are Secret

Don’t publish information that is not yet ready to be published.

Stay Active

Make sure that when you are done with the account, there is a clear statement online of the end, or that the account is deleted. Don’t just allow the account to fall into inactivity.