Images & Photography on YSM Websites

Images that do not meet these standards will not be displayed or will be removed from Yale School of Medicine websites. Questions about specific images can be directed to anyone at the Yale School of Medicine web team

Quality of content:

  • Images that are photographs need to display the department and the work of its faculty and staff in a professional, relevant manner.
  • Microscopy images are also allowed as decoration or to illustrate a point on the site, but graphic illustrations or drawings are not used (especially for the home page banner) unless previously approved as necessary.
  • Images depicting animals used for research purposes are not allowed on public-facing websites.

Quality of image:

  • Images need to be in focus, well‐lit for the subject matter, and professionally processed, including for color correction.
  • Images that are grainy, obviously digitally manipulated, or have been processed incorrectly will not be displayed or will be removed from the site.

Resolution and size:

All images for your website need to be at least 300 dpi. Images for the home page need to be at least 1,000 pixels wide. All images for other pages of the site need to have at least one side of the image that is 1,000 pixels long. Images fitting this tend to be a minimum of 2 MB.


  • Copyright:
    Yale or the department must own copyright of the images, and/or have an agreement with the photographer that allows use of the image on their site.