Building and Hosting Websites at YSM

Officially recognized School of Medicine organizations and entities, such as departments, sections, centers, and programs, must use the YSM web template and the school's web content management system for their websites. There are no other approved website building organizations for YSM, though other entities can maintain the site once it is finished.

The only websites allowed to use the YSM template are officially recognized and perpetuated YSM organizations and entities, such as departments, sections, centers, and programs. Lab and personal faculty websites should use an alternative form of the YSM template. See the Lab/Faculty Sites page for more information.

Lab and Faculty Website Policy

In 2012, the school introduced YSM and YSPH-branded lab website templates in its content management system, a web platform for full-time faculty to create and maintain websites, using all of the functionality and systems created for the school's departmental and organization websites. The school's Web Group is currently transitioning all lab websites into the school's systems. Since YSM and YSPH centrally supports and provide these web tools at no individual cost for faculty, it is duplicative work and additional cost for faculty to use outside hosting and/or systems.

Faculty who require unique functionality, but whose content needs could be met with the school's existing systems, are permitted to build websites using an external hosting provider they hire with their own resources. School funds may not be used to build or maintain websites external to the school's systems. In addition, these websites may not use the Yale University, School of Medicine or School of Public Health name, logo, shield, fonts or branding in any capacity. In addition, the word "Yale" may not be used in the website's URL. (A good example of a site following this option is the Boggon Lab.)

Faculty are not permitted to use other Yale content management systems (i.e. Drupal, Wordpress or Commons).

It is our hope to avoid brand confusion, to avoid duplicative work and cost within Yale recreating functionality that currently exists within school systems, and to avoid issues that accompany the lack of central governance and oversight (i.e. issues with HIPAA and other YSM and YSPH-specific policy and legal concerns).

For questions about this policy, please contact the YSM Web Group.

Approved by the Dean's Advisory Group on January 30, 2013

Lab and Faculty Websites

For more information on Faculty and Lab websites, see the corresponding page within our Web Services site: