Accessibility Responsibilities

Responsibilities of All:

Responsibility for accessibility on all Yale University websites, including all Yale School of Medicine websites, belongs with anyone creating content to be distributed online. This includes all faculty, staff, trainees, and students who wish to publish content on websites.

There are several ways in which this requirement may be accomplished:

  1. Make personal efforts to utilize resources provided by the Accessibility Group at Yale and become well versed in requirements and best practices for accessibility according to WCAG 2.0
  2. In the event that you are unable to make your content fully accessible, provide multiple formats of your critical content for best consumption and delivery of information for users of the website
  3. The option of last resort should be providing a contact for anyone requiring an accessibility accommodation to access information on the website.

Responsibilities of the Office of Communications

YSM Web Support can provide inquiring users with resources regarding best practices for accessibility and upcoming training opportunities with the Accessibility Group.

YSM Web Services will help web editors prioritize, update, and potentially remove inaccessible content that has already been posted, but this work may be subject to our fee structure depending on the nature of the request. 

Our office is unfortunately not resourced to provide remediation of all files created by YSM faculty and staff, such as pdf files, but we can provide you with resources to help you make your own files accessible.

Our office also makes use of SiteImprove, a third party application, and can provide a report of current content accessibility issues for your YSM website.

The YSM Office of Communications is responsible for and will ensure specific technical requirements for accessibility are met in the YSM web template design (which uses Tridion) and in our News and People Profile system.