Web Publishing Guidelines & Policies

Below are some guidelines for publishing on YSM websites. If you have a role publishing to a website that represents the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) or any department, program, or research unit within YSM, we encourage you to read through these carefully. As with all guidelines, these do not cover the extent of every publishing possibility, and you should in all cases use common sense. If you have any question or concern about publishing certain content, ask questions of your supervisor or the YSM web team before making the content live. You can direct specific questions for the web team to web.services@yale.edu

Building and Hosting Websites at YSM

Officially recognized School of Medicine organizations and entities, such as departments, sections, centers, and programs, must use the YSM web template and the school's web content management system for their websites. 

Access to Tridion

The School of Medicine Web Group will grant access to any Yale employee to edit a YSM website upon approval from the department’s administrator. Students (undergraduate and graduate), casual employees, and temporary employees are not allowed access to Tridion.

Publishing Content

Do not post identifiable information about patients anywhere in this system, whether the page has security or not.

Images & Photography on YSM Websites

Do not publish any image depicting animals, any images for which you do not retain copyright or have rights to publish, and any images of patients for which you do not have a signed HIPAA media release form.

Logos on YSM Websites

Generally, the University does not allow individual organizations to create and publish logos. However, existing logos that have been developed with the approval of the University Printer's Office can be placed within the side column on the Home page and the About Us page.

Social Media Guidelines

Use your common sense, remember that you are publishing under the Yale name, and stay active on the account or delete it.

Yale School of Medicine Website Privacy Policy

This policy is directed at the public, but as a content publisher you should recognize that you are committing to uphold these standards of the public’s right to privacy

URL Policy

The School of Medicine strongly encourages all organizations, including departments, sections, programs, centers, and labs to use the standard medicine.yale.edu or publichealth.yale.edu domains when publishing information about their websites.