Flyerboard: Interactive Digital Signage


Download the Flyerboard Designs

The Flyerboard is an interactive touch screen designed to distribute up-to-date information through event listings, news, announcements, social media, multimedia, local guides, and people search throughout the School of Medicine's campus. Users interact with these screens via touch and can easily navigate through the various modules to immediately access information.

Launched in January 2014, these screens can be purchased by departments and are easily customized to pull department-specific content through the school's web content management system, Tridion. Available modules include:

  • Happening Now: an aggregate of the latest calendar events, news, announcements, multimedia and social media listings. (automatically populated by content from the other modules -- this is like the "Home" page for the Flyerboard)
  • Multimedia: an aggregate of video and images from school websites (via Tridion), Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube. (managed via Tridion, Youtube channels and Flickr)
  • Social Media: an aggregate of posts from Twitter and Facebook. (managed through Facebook and Twitter)
  • Announcements: items from the school’s news system tagged as an “announcement”. (managed through the Profile System's News Module)
  • Flyerboard: calendar events with a flyer or image. (managed through the Event Calendar)
  • News: a news listing and articles from the schools news system, along with other external sources such as the Yale Daily News, Yale Daily Bulletin and the local newspapers. (managed through the Profile System's News Module)
  • Yale Transit Map: a real-time display of Yale buses. (managed by Yale Transit)
  • New Haven Guide: a listing of categorized venues and venue details from Foursquare. (automatically updated via Foursquare)
  • Weather: real-time local weather and forecasts. (automatically updated via Weather Underground)
  • Calendar: an event calendar from the school’s event calendaring system. (managed through the Event Calendar)
  • Find a person: an integration with the school’s profile system that allows users to search for people or see lists of people alphabetically, by location or by organization. (managed through the Profile System)
  • International Activity: an integration with the school’s profile system that displays a map of faculty activity from around the world. Users can view by world, continent and country. (managed through the Profile System)

Screen Cost

Interactive display screens are available in three sizes. The prices below include the touchscreen, computer, and shipping. Excluded from these prices is the cost to run power and ethernet connections to the screen location, and the physical screen installation.

  • 50" Screen: $4,780
  • 58" Screen: $5,780
  • 65" Screen: $6,980

Once you select your screen size, please contact our office at to order the screen. We will also work with you to arrange installation. 

Additional Costs

  • Infrastructure: Each screen needs a power and ethernet connection. Please work with YSM Facilities to arrange new power and ethernet connections if they do not currently exist in the desired location for the screen. Normal installation location for power and ethernet is 60"  from the ground. However, these are only guidelines and can change depending on the space. 
  • Installation: Each screen must be professionally installed. When the screen is configured, the YSM Web Group will work with you to arrange installation by our local A/V vendor. This is approximately $360 for installation and $200 for the wall mount.

Training and Support

The Flyerboard is fully supported by the School of Medicine's Web Group. Our team provides training and support to the staff managing content on the screens, works to fix any bugs identified in the application, and continues to make enhancements and updates to the Flyerboard project as budgets permit.  

Flyerboard Instructions

To find out how to use the software for a flyerboard, please see the Flyerboard Instructions pages.

How to get a Flyerboard

  • Contact to order a touch screen display. 
  • Department is responsible for screen installation. Each screen requires a live Ethernet and power connection.