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Below is a listing of all YSM websites for sites already in production and their associated editors. If the editors for your site have changed, please contact ysm.editor@yale.edu.


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Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology (CBIT)

Cell Bio - Main Site

Emily Dering


Lisa Crotty


CCMI - Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging MJ Trapp  
CCMI - Confocal Microscopy MJ Trapp  
CCMI - Electron Microscopy MJ Trapp  
CCMI - Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography MJ Trapp  
Child Study Center - Main Site Rachel Horsting
Child Study Center - Adolescent Psychiatry Training Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - Autism Rachel Horsting
Child Study Center - Comer School Dev. Program Cynthia Savo  
Child Study Center- Family Support Services Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - Minding the Baby Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - NIMH Research Training Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - OCD Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - Psychoanalysis Rachel Horsting Jia Wu
Child Study Center - Psychological Assessment Service Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - Psychology Rachel Horsting Heidi Seib
Child Study Center - School Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - Social Work Fellowship Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - Solnit Integrated Training Rachel Horsting  
Child Study Center - YESCog Lilli Frank Lauren Dinicola
Child Study Center - Zigler Center Anna Zonderman  
CMI (Center for Medical Informatics) - GLIDES Richard Shiffman  
CNNR (Cellular Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration and Repair) Charlene Bloch  
CNRR (Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research) Lakshmi Bangalore  
CME (Continuing Medical Education) Nixida Vega  
Comparative Medicine - Main Site Patricia Kennedy Susan Andranovich
Comparative Medicine - AGS Patricia Kennedy Susan Andranovich
Comparative Medicine - ICSNM Patricia Kennedy Susan Andranovich
Comparative Medicine - MRP Patricia Kennedy Susan Andranovich
CORES -  Main Site [IPC Edits]  
CORES - Electronic & Machine Shop [IPC Edits]  
CORES - Stockroom MJ Trapp Joe Vellali
Dermatology - Main Site Bill Sudhoff  
Derm - Dermatologic Surgery Bill Sudhoff
Derm - Dermatopathology Bill Sudhoff
Marty Sherman
Derm - Spitzoid Neoplasm Repository Bill Sudhoff
Derm - SPORE in Skin Cancer Bill Sudhoff
Developmental Biology Anna Cuomo  
Diagnostic Radiology - Main Site Henry Douglas  
Diagnostic Radiology - QNMR Core Center Fahmeed Hyder Peter Herman


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Editor 2

Genetics - Main Site

HAVEN - Free Clinic

HAVEN - La Clinica

Sonia Santana  
History of Medicine Dismayra Martinez  
Humanities & the Arts Dismayra Martinez
Immunobiology - Main Site Caroline Lieber Beth Cadugan
Integrative Medicine at Yale Ather Ali  
Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program Carol Russo  
IntMed - Main site Nancy Schmeidler Mary-Ellen Wilson (Amb. Clerkship)
IntMed - Allergy and Clinical Immunology Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - Beyond Residency Nancy Schmeidler Barbara Wanciak
IntMed - Cardiovascular Medicine Ann Sousa Santo Galatioto
IntMed - Cardio - Clinical Research Lauren Sartori

IntMed - Cardio - CORE

Lesli Ott  

IntMed - Cardio - YCVRC

Ann Sousa Dorina DeFilippo

IntMed - Cardio - YTRIC

Ann Sousa
IntMed - Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center (DERC) Nancy Schmeidler Nicholas Licht
IntMed - Diabetes Center
IntMed - Digestive Diseases Karen Lawhorn

IntMed - Digestive Diseases - IBD

IntMed - Endocrinology and Metabolism Nancy Schmeidler Nicholas Licht
IntMed - Gaucher Ruby Yang
IntMed - General Internal Medicine Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - Geriatrics Nancy Schmeidler Robbin Bonanno
IntMed - Geriatrics - SILVER Dana Limone Mary Geda
IntMed - Global Health Nancy Schmeidler Laura Crawford
IntMed - Global Health Scholars Program Nancy Schmeidler Laura Crawford
IntMed - Hematology Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - HIV Training Track Pamela DeFilippo  
IntMed - IBDGC Eric DeRycke Nancy Schmeidler
IntMed - Infectious Diseases Pamela DeFilippo Nancy Schmeidler
IntMed - Liver Center Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - Medical Oncology    
IntMed - Nephrology Nancy Schmeidler Denise Krause
IntMed - Occupational and Environmental Medicine Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - Office Based Medicine Denise Schock  
IntMed - PATR    
IntMed - PREP Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Erika Ratcliffe Buqu Hu
IntMed - Pulmonary - YCAAD Arron Mitchell  
IntMed - Residency Training Programs Nancy Schmeidler Barbara Wanciak
IntMed - Rheumatology Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - RWJCSP Kendall Getek Ashely O'Connor
IntMed - VACS Dorothy Cohen Alec Varcas
IntMed - Yale Affiliated Hospitals Program Nancy Schmeidler  
IntMed - YCCMD Irene Sherman  
Investigative Medicine Program Pamela Fucci  
Institutional Planning and Communications [IPC Edits]  
Journal of Biology and Medicine Karen Olson  


Editor 1

Editor 2

MBB - Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry [IPC Edits]Melody Lane
Microbial Pathogenesis Jennifer Aronson Brett Lindenbach
MMPC - Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center Gary Cline Lara Thomas
Molecular Virology Program Jan Zulkeski  
Neurobiology - Main Site Jose Andrade Katherine Bownes
Neurobiology - Kavli Institute Lindsay Borthwick Jose Andrade
Neurodevelopment and Regeneration, Program in Mike Wilson  
Neurology - Main Site Susan Durant Greg Moore
Neurosurgery - Main Site    
OBGYN - OBGYN Main Site Dianna Malvey Andre Spitzer
OBGYN - Discovery to a Cure Paulomi Aldo Dianna Malvey
OBGYN - Gynecologic Oncology Dianna Malvey
Andre Spitzer
OBGYN - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Dianna Malvey
Corrine Fischer
OBGYN - Reproductive Endocrinology Dianna Malvey
Andre Spitzer
OBGYN - Urogynecology & Reproductive Pelvic Surgery   Dianna Malvey
Andre Spitzer
OBGYN - Yale Family Planning Dianna Malvey
Andre Spitzer
OBGYN - Yale Fertility Center Dianna Malvey
Andre Spitzer
Ombudsperson Belinda Ahern  
Ophthalmology - Main Site Eileen Giamo  
Ortho - Orthopaedics Main Site [IPC Edits]Connie Rinaldi  
Ortho - Ortho History Rose Webb  
Ortho-Spine Service (Not Live)    
Palliative and End of Life Care Susan Larkin Lisa Egan
Pathology Katherine Henderson Sarah Whitaker  
Pediatrics - Main Site Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Adoption Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Cardiology Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Center for XLH Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Child Health Research Center Anna Cuomo  
Pediatrics - Critical Care Medicine Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Emergency Medicine Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Endocrinology Lisa DeLizio  

Pediatrics - Endocrinology- Children's Diabetes Program

Melinda Zgorski  
Pediatrics - Gastroenterology and Hepatology Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - General Pediatrics Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Hematology and Oncology Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Immunology Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Nephrology Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Neurology Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Pediatric Scientist Development Program Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Perinatal Medicine Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Primary Care Curriculum Jaideep Talwalkar  
Pediatrics - Respiratory Medicine Lisa DeLizio  
Pediatrics - Thyroid Center Lisa DeLizio  
PET Center Melinda McQueen Richard Carson
Pharmacology Arthur Pelkey  
Physio - CM Physiology Duncan Wong Lyndsey Maher
Play2Prevent Kimberly Hieftje  
Psychiatry - Main Site Patricia Genero

Psychiatry - Advance Study Shane Seger  
Psychiatry - Alzheimer's Shane Seger    
Psychiatry - Financial Approaches to Behavior Change
Psychiatry - Century Shane Seger    
Psychiatry - Community Services Network (CSN)
Psychiatry - CTNA Alan Anticevic  
Psychiatry - Impulsivity Shane Seger    
Psychiatry - Law and Psychiatry Anne Black Marc Rosen
Psychiatry - NRTP Toral Surti  
Psychiatry - OCD Clinic Mac Kelly Alison Hoover  
Psychiatry- Psychology Section Shane Seger    
Psychiatry- SCORE - Gender Sensitive Treatment Shane Seger    
Psychiatry - STEP Petra Kleinlein  
Pyschiatry - TRY Shane Seger    
Psychiatry - YTNC Kris Brewer  


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Editor 2

Yale UCL [IPC Edits]  

YCC (Yale Cancer Center) - Main Site

Emily Fenton
YCC - COPPER Pamela Soulos  

YCCI - Main Site

Lisa Brophy-Gervais
YCCI - Compliance Deborah Lyman  
YCCI - Conference- Clinical Research Management Lisa Brophy-Gervais    
YCCI - Nethaven at Yale Lisa Brophy-Gervais    
YCCI - OnCore Lisa Brophy-Gervais  
YMG Admin - Main Site Debbie Godi  
YMG Admin - Clinical Affairs    
YMG Admin - Credentialing    
YMG Admin - Finance    
YMG Admin - HIPAA Privacy    
YMG Admin - Information Systems DaShawn Robinson
YMG Admin - Medical Billing Compliance Deborah Lyman  
YMG Admin - Patient Financial Services    
YMG Admin - Patient Satisfaction    
YMG Admin - Strategic Development & Marketing    
YMG Admin - Training DaShawn Robinson  
YSM- Main    
YSM - Sex Harass and Assault Belinda Ahern  
YSM Facilities Lori Stopka Roy Lechich
YSM Finance MJ Trapp  
YSM - More Jose Santoro  
Yale School of Public Health - Main Site Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Admissions Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Advanced Professional MPH Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Alumni Site Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Biostatistics Denise Meyer  
YSPH - CARE Denise Meyer
YSPH - Career Services Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Chronic Disease Epidemiology Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Downs Fellowship Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Emerging Infections Program Sara Niesobecki Kim Yousey-Hindes
YSPH - Environmental Health Science Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Fin Aid Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Global Health Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Health Policy and Management Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Public Health Practice Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Regulatory Affairs Program Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Social and Behavioral Sciences Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Support the School Denise Meyer  
YSPH - Yale Center for Analytical Studies Alicia Lakomski