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Stone Disease

Kidney Stones

Our multidisciplinary pediatric stone team, which includes pediatric nephrologists, urologists, nutritionists, radiologists, and interventional radiologists, provides comprehensive treatment to help children manage their kidney stones. We provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment options based on the needs of our patients. Treatment options can include the use of shock waves to break up stones into smaller particles, as well as minimally invasive approaches using endoscopic, percutaneous and other techniques to break up and extract stones.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Radiologic imaging, such as ultrasounds and CT scans, are utilized to identify and count the number of stones present. A comprehensive medical review is performed to identify individual risk factors for the further development of renal stones.

Stone extraction often requires a surgical intervention, though there are some stones that may be managed with medical treatments. After the stone is addressed, changes in the patient's diet and medication can be used to prevent or decrease the rate in which stones occur.