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Penile Rehabilitation

Erectile dysfunction is a common result of prostate cancer surgery, with the highest risk being found in patients who are/have:

  • Older than 55
  • Preoperative ED
  • Risk factors for vascular disease such as smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  • Who had either non-nerve sparing or unilateral nerve sparing procedures

At Yale Urology, we have a comprehensive rehabilitation program for patients suffering from ED after prostate cancer surgery. After a comprehensive review of your case, our men's urology team will recommend one of two options: a medicinal approach to treatment, or the use of mechanical devices. The rehabilitation program is recommended to both restore intimacy for the patient and his partner, and to improve the chances of return to normal erections over time.

For patients with non-nerve sparing prostate cancer surgery, please review treatment with penile injection therapy and penile implant therapy on our Erectile Dysfunction page.