Penile Implant Therapy

When considering a penile implant or prosthesis for erectile dysfunction, it is critical to find the best urologic surgeon. At Yale Urology, our program is run by Dr. Stanton Honig, who has more than 22 years of experience in placement of state-of-the-art penile prostheses. A penile implant procedure is usually an outpatient procedure. Candidates for a penile implant include patients with problems relating to blood flow to the penis, nerve injuries, and side effects of prostate cancer. Also included, men who did not have a good response to oral medications and/or second line therapies, such as penile injection therapy, vacuum erection device, and other therapies.  

Excellent patient satisfaction rates of over 90% are seen with the placement of a penile prosthesis. There is a small but serious risk of an infection associated with the implant procedure. All patients undergoing this procedure are at risk for this, but Dr. Honig uses a “no touch” technique which lowers the infection risk to about 2% to 3%. Patients are usually able to use their prosthesis within six to eight weeks of placement.