Fertility after Vasectomy

The Yale Urology Male Fertility Program provides specialized care to patients who seek fertility after a vasectomy. A biological pregnancy after vasectomy can be achieved with either vasectomy reversal or with sperm retrieval to be used in In Vitro Fertilization and Intracytoplasmic sperm injections.

Dr. Stanton Honig has more than 20 years experience performing microsurgical reconstructions in patients seeking vasectomy reversal. He is experienced with both vasovasostomy as well as the more complex procedure of microsurgical epididymovasostomy. 

Many factors impact the success of vasectomy reversal, and we evaluate all the factors that are predictive of a good outcome after vasectomy reversal, including:

  • Years since vasectomy
  • Prior children
  • Age and fertility status of the partner
  • Physical examination findings such as swollen epididymis, presence of lump at vasectomy site called a granuloma, and the location of the vasectomy site
In a significant number of cases, vasovasoctomy is inadequate.  A more complicated reconstruction, an epididymovasostomy (epididymis to vas), may be required in some cases. The necessary type of surgical reconstruction is determined at the time of surgery. It is important to know that your surgeon can perform both procedures if necessary.

Most patients who had their vasectomy fewer than 10 years ago have a 90% chance of having sperm in the ejaculate after surgery. In many patients, surgery can restore sperm to the ejaculate.  Success rates are dependent upon findings at the time of the operation.  We offer all patients the option of sperm retrieval at the time of reconstruction as well. 

The average time to pregnancy is about 1 year and depends on multiple factors including quality of sperm in the ejaculate, and the age and fertility status of the partner.  

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