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Penile and Urethral Cancer

Penile and urethral tumors are among the rarest of cancers. At Yale Urology, our surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists collaborate to offer our patients world-class multidisciplinary care with an emphasis on penile preservation, as well as preservation of urinary and sexual function wherever possible.

We understand how both the disease and treatment may have substantial impact on a patient’s emotional well-being, body image, and sexual function, and our surgical and extended care team are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support. We are committed to offering our patients with early and late-stage penile and urethral cancer the most advanced diagnostic technologies and treatment strategies available.

Penile preservation techniques including glans resurfacing and partial penectomy with urethral reconstruction. In cases where it is necessary, radical penectomy can be a life-saving operation. Management of the inguinal lymph nodes is also an integral part of the treatment of penile cancer, and our urologic oncologists offer meticulous inguinal lymph node dissection.

For these rare and often life-altering cancers, Yale Urology provides special expertise, compassion, and cutting-edge efforts so patients can maintain organ and functional preservation.