Bernard Lytton Visiting Professor Day

Visiting Professor Day 2019
2018 Visiting Professor Day with Dr. Andrew Kirsch and Urology Residents
Thursday, June 20, 2019
HOPE 216

2019 Visiting Professor: Hunter B. Wessells, MD, FACS
Professor and Chair of Urology
University of Washington

Morning Session

8:00 AM Urological Complications of Pelvic Fracture
Hunter B. Wessells, MD, FACS

9:00 AM Urology Residents Debate: Dorsal vs. Ventral Buccal Urethroplasty
Moderator:Toby Chai, MD, Professor of Urology

9:05 AM Dorsal Approach Urethroplasties: 'Back' to the Future!
Campbell Bryson, MD, Chief Resident

9:10 AM Ventral Buccal Approach
Cynthia Leung, MD, Chief Resident

9:15 AM Bryson rebuttal
9:17 AM Leung rebuttal
9:19 AM Audience voting, Dr. Wessells commentary

9:30 AM Double the Strictures - Double the Fun!
Cayce Nawaf, MD, PGY-3

9:50 AM Break

10:05 AM Quality Improvement Initiatives at Yale New Haven Hospital
Juan Javier-Desloges, MD, PGY-4
Alejandro Abello Martinez, MD, Postdoctoral Associate

10:35 AM Overexpression of Estrogen Receptor β in Blad er Urothelium Protects Against Uropathogenic E. coli Infection
Judy Yeh, MD, Urogynecology Fellow

10:50 AM Makerere Uganda Yale University Collaboration: Urology Edition
Jeannie Su, MD, PGY-4

11:15 AM Fornier's Gangrene
Marianne Casilla-Lennon, MD, PGY-2

11:30 AM Group Photos of Faculty, Fellows, Residents, APPs, and Visiting Professor Location TBD

12:00 PM Break for lunch Residents and Fellows lunch with Visiting Professor