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Bernard Lytton Visiting Professor Day

Thursday, June 17, 2021

2021 (Virtual) Visiting Professor: Amy E. Krambeck, MD

Professor of Urology
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern Medical
8:00 AM Introduction of Visiting Professor
Dinesh Singh, MD

8:05 AM Treatment of Stone Disease During Pregnancy
Amy E. Krambeck, MD

9:00 AM Urology Residents Three-way Debate: Calyces Diverticulum for Those Who Need Treatment
Moderator: Adam Ludvigson, MD

9:05 AM Retrograde Endoscopic Approach
Marianne Casilla-Lennon, MD, PGY-4

9:15 AM PCNL
Jay Amin, MD, PGY-4

9:25 AM Laparoscopic/Robotic
Jamil Syed, PGY-4

9:35 AM Casilla-Lennon rebuttal
9:37 AM Amin rebuttal
9:39 AM Syed rebuttal
9:41 AM Audience voting, Dr. Krambeck commentary

10:00 AM Interesting Case Presentation
Justin Nguyen, MD, PGY-3

10:15 AM Interesting Case Presentation
Katelyn Johnson, MD, PGY-3

10:30 AM Break

10:40 AM Urology Residents Three-way Debate: Treatment of 2.5cm Renal Collecting System Stone
Moderator: Timothy Tran, MD

10:45 AM Mini PCL
Amir Khan, MD, PGY-2

10:55 AM Standard PCL
Benjamin Press, MD, PGY-2

11:05 AM Ureteroscopy
Stephanie Hanchuk, MD, PGY-2

11:15 AM Khan rebuttal
11:17 AM Press rebuttal
11:19 AM Hanchuk rebuttal
11:21 AM Audience voting, Dr. Krambeck commentary

11:40 AM Interesting Case Presentation
Daniel Segal, MD, PGY-3

11:55 AM Interesting Case Presentation
Alexander Bandin, MD, Chief Resident

12:10 PM HoLEP and COVID research projects
Eric Ghiraldi, MD, Endourology Fellow

12:30 PM Urology Residents Two-way Debate: Learning Curve of HoLEP or Stick to TURP?
Moderator: Daniel Kellner, MD

12:35 PM I'm Going to Stick with TURP
Cayce Nawaf, MD, Chief Resident

12:45 PM Here's Why I'm Going to Learn How to Do HoLEP
Richard Ho, MD, Chief Resident

12:55 PM Nawaf rebuttal
12:57 PM Ho rebuttal
12:59 PM Audience voting, Dr. Krambeck commentary