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At Yale Urology, we prioritize the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, an abiding commitment to compassion, and dedication to providing the highest quality care. During these times of COVID-19, we recognize not all patients want to or have the ability to come into the clinic for a check-up or follow-up appointment with their provider.

As such, Telehealth has become a convenient option to maintain communication with your doctor from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Using your home computer, tablet, or smart phone, you can safely meet with your doctor to discuss the same concerns and conditions as you would if you came on site. If you have an upcoming check-up or follow-up appointment, we encourage you to contact us and discuss whether you can shift to a Telehealth appointment.

In preparation for your upcoming Telehealth appointment, we have created a chart to help you describe the color of your urine to your provider. You can click here and print the chart for future use.