Jane: Urinary Incontinence Success Story

Urinary incontinence can be frustrating, and it can impact nearly every aspect of a woman’s life. Jane Judson, who was originally diagnosed with urinary incontinence in her late 40s, felt the impact of her condition in her daily life.

Although Jane had received corrective surgery 12 years ago, she was told her incontinence would return as the tissue breaks down over time.

“When the incontinence first returned, it was a minor inconvenience and would occur only if I sneezed or coughed," said Jane. "Within the year, it had gotten worse and worse, to the point where it was happening all the time.” 

Jane decided it was time to make an appointment with her gynecologist to discuss her surgical options. She was referred to Dr. Leslie Rickey of Yale Urology.

“Dr. Rickey was terrific," remarked Jane. "I know incontinence is not a matter of life and death, but I told her it was a quality of life issue for me and she completely understood. I am legally blind and need a little bit more assistance at times, and they were always right there to help me. Dr. Rickey had a great bedside manner and not only did she listen, but she took the time to explain the procedure to me so that I completely understood what to expect.” 

Jane also has a pulmonary issue and cannot be under anesthesia for long. 

“Dr. Rickey finished the surgery in 45 minutes and I had absolutely no aftermath from the anesthesia," said Jane. "I went home the same day as the surgery and by the next day, my leakage had stopped.”  

The surgery has given Jane the ability to enjoy life again without having to worry about her incontinence. 

“It’s a terrific freedom," said Jane. "I don’t even have to think about incontinence or the inconvenience of wearing pads. I have a guide dog and I do a great deal of walking, which used to cause a lot of incontinence. But now I can take walks without any issues. The result of the surgery was perfect, and equally important was that my experience with Dr. Ricky was perfect. Not only is Dr. Rickey superb, everyone in her office was friendly, helpful, and professional––and that’s important. I would recommend anyone dealing with urinary incontinence to her.”