Theme Leads:
Professor George Hamilton, Professor of Vascular Surgery, UCL & Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust
Professor Bauer Sumpio, Professor of Surgery (Vascular), Yale Medical School

Complex vascular surgery is still associated with significant operating time (in excess of six hours), which creates several limitations in practice. The Yale UCL Collaborative, together with Siemens, is developing software for the Artis Zeego machine which allows faster, more accurate vascular identification during an intervention. The impact will include:

  • Significant reduction in operative time, which will increase the number of patients who can be treated,
  • A potential reduction in those who will require a GA, further increasing the number of patients who benefit,
  • A reduction in the amount of contrast utilized, reducing post-operative morbidity,
  • Increase in theatre throughput,
  • More intuitive operating tools, meaning surgical competence is attained faster.

In addition, the Yale UCL Collaborative, working with Siemens, intends to develop the technique to evaluate end organ flow immediately after angioplasty. Currently, it is difficult to assess end organ flow immediately after angioplasty to a diseased artery. As a result, a percentage of patients continue to suffer from circulatory disorders with either continued morbidity or a need to return to the theatre for a repeat procedure, after inadequate revascularization.