Dengue Fever

Theme Leads: 
Assistant Professor Brett Lindenbach, Yale
Dr. Michael Jacobs, UCL
Professor Paul Young, University of Queensland

Theme Members:
Professor Mark Marsh UCL,
Dr. Snezana Djordjevic UCL,
Dr. Robin Ketteler UCL,
Professor John Martin UCL,
Professor Dave Selwood UCL,
Professor Ian Zachery UCL
Dr. Ruth Montgomery Yale,
Associate Professor Yorgo Modis Yale,
Professor David Fairlie
University of Queensland

Working groups at UCL and at Yale have developed a four-point plan to understand and ideally eradicate the Dengue Fever virus. The groups bring together cross-disciplinary expertise including structural biology and medicinal chemistry and faculty who may have never worked with the virus before.

Faculty members are developing ways to understand the dengue virus including how it avoids the innate immune response, how it replicates, and how antiviral strategies may be used to block the virus’ entry into cells.