Computational Biomedicine

Theme Lead:
Professor Peter Coveney, UCL

Modern medical science is producing ever-increasing quantities of data as a result of increased abilities to detect and measure smaller changes in complex biological systems. These very abilities to gather and analyze data far exceed those marshaled by a single academic institution.

To this end, the Yale UCL Collaborative seeks to implement a transatlantic inter-university biomedical informatics strategy. By pooling the computational, information management, and analysis resources of Yale and UCL and their associated hospitals, the quality of biomedical research will be enhanced by the intellectual synergy and access to extensive (in the case of the UK, national) patient care and medical history databases.

This venture has the potential for far-reaching transformative consequences for U.K. and U.S. science and medicine industry. Our application of a comprehensive biomedical informatics strategy to modernize healthcare focuses on decreasing costs and providing a model for efficient spending on healthcare.

National Science Foundation: Anton Award

Led by Professor Coveney, this area of the Collaborative received an Anton Award to work on “characterizing changes in the conformation and dynamics of epidermal growth factor receptors induced by mutations associated with anti-cancer drug treatment.”