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The Collaborative began with a focus on biomedicine, but has since expanded to encompass educational and collaboration opportunities in the arts, humanities and other sciences. Interactions between faculty, and students of Yale and UCL have spread across the campuses at both universities.

While new collaborations are being developed with a focus on global health and sustainable cities, some examples of programs that have been implemented include:

Student Exchange Program: Graduate schools at Yale and UCL have an agreement allowing the exchange of Ph.D. candidates. This program gives doctoral students the opportunity to undertake a period of research at Yale or UCL under the supervision of a faculty member at the respective university. It is hoped that the experience will allow Yale and UCL doctoral students to enhance their current work and forge links between the two institutions and within their research areas. Yale students who wish to learn more about this program, visit Yale UCL Collaborative Student Exchange Program/Information for Yale Students. UCL students who wish to learn more about this program, visit Yale UCL Collaborative Student Exchange Programme.

The Spring 2014 exchange candidates are:

  • Sonja Lehtinen, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics - Professor Mark Gerstein & Dr Koon-Kiu Yan
  • Elsa Court, Comparative Literature - Professor Dudley Andrew
  • Bridget England, Classics - Professor Christina Kraus
  • Roel De Maeyer, Internal Medicine and Immunobiology - Professor Daniel Goldstein
  • Harriet Hulme, Comparative Literature - Professor Moira Fradinger

Faculty Collaborations


Faculty Leads:  Professor Nicola Miller, UCL
Professor Steve Pincus, Yale

Faculty are discussing collaborative possibilities and sharing expertise in areas including methodologies, economic sociology, political economy, and international relations. In development by the Leads is a graduate seminar to be taught at Yale involving students from both institutions.


Faculty Leads:  Judith Resnik, Yale and UCL (visiting professor)

In 2012, the UCL Judicial Institute and Yale Law School held a joint half-day seminar in London on “Interpreting and Generating Rights in Multi-Level Jurisdictions: Exploring Sources of Law and Norms.” Participants included justices of the UK Supreme Court, Supreme Courts of Canada, Australia, and Ghana, Court of Appeal of England and Wales, US Court of Appeal as well as representatives from the European Court of Justice, Yale, Harvard, and UCL.


Faculty Leads:  Doctor Fiona Leigh, UCL
Professor Verity Harte, Yale

The concentration of this collaboration was a project on Plato’s later metaphysics. The project was funded by the British Academy for the Arts and Humanities and the British Council. The end product of the project is three academic papers, authored by Dr. Leigh, one of which was accepted for publication in Phronesis and another in Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.