The Yale UCL Medical Students' Poetry Competition 2011

Dean Alpern presents Noah Capurso with his prize.

The Yale UCL Medical Students' Poetry Competition was launched in February 2011 by Professor John Martin using funds donated by a patient. The aim of the competition was to stimulate creativity and expression amongst students in both medical schools, and to find through the use of poetry the commonality of experience amongst medical students.

There were over 160 submissions, and the judges commented on the standard of the submissions. In fact it was decided to award two first prizes of £1000 ($1500) each with Marco Federighi contributing another £1000. The prize for the prixime accesit was £200 ($300). 

The competition attracted attention in the press: The Times Higher Education covered the story, including the deadlock that resulted in two first place winners. The paper reported, "Poetry contest reminds trainee medics that patients are people, not machines."  

The panel of judges convened for judging via videoconference on May 4th 2011.
The judges were:
  • Dr Kasia Boddy (Chair): UCL Senior Lecturer English Department
  • Professor Mark Ford: UCL Professor of English and author of several volumes of poetry most recently Six Children, Faber and Faber 2011
  • Mr Marco Federighi: UCL Sub Dean and Faculty Tutor, Engineering Sciences
  • Professor John Martin: Co - Director of Yale UCL Collaborative and Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Professor Barry Zaret: Yale Professor Emeritus of and Senior Research Scientist in Medicine (Cardiology) and Professor of Diagnostic Radiology
  • Professor Thomas Duffy: Yale Professor of Medicine and Director of Humanities in Medicine
  • Negin Amiri: UCL RUMS Senior President BMA ISC Chair 
The winners were:
1st Place:

Proxime accesit: 
Poetry Competition

Daphne Tan

Poetry Competiton

Gabrielle Gascoigne