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Barbara Hildebrand, BFA

Program Manager

Program Manager; Manager, Preclinical Clerkship; Manager, Standardized Patient Program

At the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) I am fortunate to work with talented and creative faculty and staff with a core mission dedicated to training and mentoring educators and having a direct impact on students’ learning outcomes. In my role as Program Manager at the TLC, I enjoy interacting with faculty from all areas of Yale Medical and Nursing schools developing interactive programs and contributing to student curriculum development. Primarily, I am responsible for the Standardized Patient (SP) Program, which utilizes actors to portray patients with various chief concerns and case scenarios in a standardized format. In these sessions trainees may practice interview techniques and communication skills in a safe teaching environment. I also manage the Teaching Summary Letter Program for senior faculty who are being presented for promotion. If you have specific questions or want more information about our SP program or the Teaching Summary Letter Program, please feel free to reach out so I may assist you. I would be delighted to help you.