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Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE) Pilot Program

May 20, 2015
by Alison Mittelsteadt, PA S-1

As a participant in the Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE) Pilot to provide inter-professional training, I had the unique opportunity of participating in a joint session at the Yale Center for Medical Simulation (YCMS) with three YSM medical students. Our team obtained a patient history from a standardized patient and then we were ushered into the next phase of performing a physical exam. All the while, our team was being recorded and monitored by faculty for future feedback and evaluation.

Our team next entered the simulation center ED to utilize a replica of an emergency exam room with a full-size adult female mannequin patient. While I was initially caught off-guard by the wig and makeup on the plastic simulated woman, I quickly put those thoughts aside and decided to engage the patient and make the experience more "real". We spoke to the patient as we would any other patient...and she spoke back! Her feedback helped us direct our focused physical exam and aide the patient in a time of distress.

The entire scenario engaged our senses and helped us to think critically and logically through the presenting illness. I appreciate the bridge that the simulation center provides from the didactic learning environment to the clinical experience...which is just around the corner. Being allowed the luxury of critical and formative feedback in a non-threatening environment was an immensely valuable educational experience.

Editor's Note: Dr. Leigh Evans directed the design and installation of the state-of-the art Yale Center for Medical Simulation (YCMS), which opened earlier this year. The Center was established by the Department of Emergency Medicine for teaching and research in medical simulation. As the Director of the Center, Dr. Evans has developed a simulation curriculum utilizing the technology and science of simulation education. Her research interests focus on the transfer of simulation skills to the clinical setting and simulation training for the development of teamwork and leadership skills.

Submitted by Liz Pantani on May 20, 2015