NEGEA 2014 Annual Retreat - April 11 and April 12, 2014

The Medical Educator of Tomorrow: Embracing Educational Change for Enhanced Teaching and Learning

In celebration of our Bicentennial, Yale School of Medicine hung banners from 333 Cedar Street, Sterling Hall of Medicine.

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Deadline: April 27, 2014

The Yale University School of Medicine (YSM) is proud to host the 2014 Northeast Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA) Annual Retreat on Friday April 11th and Saturday April 12th. YSM is located at 333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT.

New Haven is a city featuring New England charm, cosmopolitan style and shoreline pursuits.  The city boasts one of the most famous town greens in the country, and is honored as a National Historic Landmark.  If the green epitomizes the history of the city, the rest of downtown is a bustling testament to the here and now.  Energized by the presence of students from Yale, the city's core pulses day and night.  Foodies find over 130 restaurants where cuisine from virtually every culture can be savored.  Art, theater and music are a way of life in New Haven featuring old world masters and classics to award-winning plays and red-hot bands.  The inviting and beautiful Southern Connecticut Shoreline is the setting for this fabulous little city.

Taken from 2013-14 Greater New Haven Cultural & Visitors Guide

Goals for the 2014 NEGEA Educational Retreat

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  1. Discuss the current state of medical education with a focus on theory and evidence derived from the literature.
  2. Describe significant emerging technologies and trends in medical education.
  3. Design and implement curricular change for more effective learning.
  4. Implement strategies to promote and document educational scholarship.
  5. Collaborate, network, and develop professional relationships. 


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Keynote Addresses

April 12, 2013

"Achieving Success as a Medical Educator in Academia Today: What Counts?"

Notes for Attendees, Paper to Read before Keynote Address

Boyd Richards, PhD

Boyd Richards is professor of medical education (in pediatrics) and vice president of education research and evaluation at Columbia University Medical Center, in New York City. Prior to joining Columbia, he served as professor of pediatrics and director of the Office of Curriculum at Baylor College of Medicine. He was the PI of a multi-institutional grant, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education Fund for Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE), which successfully introduced team-based learning (TBL) into medical education. As past president of the Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education, he helped to plan and conduct the 2006 National Consensus Conference on Educational Scholarship sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Since the conference, he has frequently been asked to lead discussions about defining, promoting, and documenting educational scholarship in the context of academic medicine today, including at the 2012 Council of Academic Societies Annual Meeting. 

April 11, 2013

"(Trans)formation: Learners, Teachers and 21st Century Health Professional Curricula"

Brian Hodges, PhD, MD

Brian Hodges has been Director of the University of Toronto Wilson Centre since 2003, one of the largest centres for health professional education research in the world. From 2004 - 2008 he was Chair of Evaluation at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, overseeing assessment of the 62 specialty programs in Canada. Dr. Hodges was named Full Professor and Richard and Elizabeth Currie Chair in Health Professions Education Research at University of Toronto in 2009 and Vice President of Education at University Health Network in 2010.

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