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Master in Health Science - Medical Education Pathway

MHS-Med Ed Degree

Program Description

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The Master of Health Science degree offers a medical education pathway (MHS-Med Ed). This is a two-year program that features an education research project and provides a comprehensive curriculum for individuals interested in developing a career in the field of medical education. Program participants must hold a M.D. degree.  They will complete a research project, a core curriculum including elective courses, and work within an individualized learning plan that is designed to facilitate their development as educators, scholars and leaders in medical education. Graduates of the program will be prepared to contribute to the education community at Yale School of Medicine and the broader field of medical education, both nationally and internationally.

Program Objectives

MHS Medical Education Pathway 2018 and 2019 Graduates and Faculty Leaders

Front Row from left to right: Gary Desir MD, Chair Department of Internal Medicine,; John Encandela PhD, Assoicate Director YSM Teaching and Learning Center (TLC); Nita Ahuja MD MBA, Chair Department of Surgery; Samantha Ahle MD MHS, 2018 Graduate, Department of Surgery; Janet Hafler EdD, Associate Dean for Educational Scholarship, Director TLC; Aba Black MD MHS, 2019 Graduate, Department of Internal Medicine; Katherine Gielissen MD MHS, 2018 Graduate, Department of Internal Medicine; Sara Schaefer MD MHS, 2019 Graduate, Department of Neurology; and Thilan Wijesekera MD MHS, 2018 Graduate, Department of Internal Medicine

Back Row from left to right: Michael Green MD MSc, Associate Director TLC and David Hafler MD, Chair Department of Neurology

Not pictured: Kevin Pei MD MHS, 2019 Graduate

The participant will:

  • Design, implement and disseminate an education research project including writing an original thesis.
  • Gain practical educational work experience though active involvement in graduate and undergraduate medical education activities.
  • Develop proficiency to serve as a leader in medical education


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible?

  • Eligible candidates hold an M.D. degree and are Yale faculty, fellows and residents who have identified medical education as a career focus.
  • Yale faculty, fellows, and residents must be from a department approved to offer the degree.  Read this for a full list of YSM departments/programs approved to offer the MHS degree 
  • This program embraces diversity and inclusion across multiple dimensions such as race, ethnicity, gender, sex and age, and seeks to have representation from across the approved YSM clinical departments.

What YSM Departments/Programs Are Approved To Offer The MHS Degree?

What If My Department Is Not On The List Of Approved Department/Programs To Offer The MHS Degree?

If an interested applicant’s department/program is not approved to offer the MHS degree, their department chair should contact the YSM Office of Student Research Registrar for information about how to apply.

What Are The MHS-Med ED Degree Application Requirements?

  • A research project description
  • Three full-time faculty members who have agreed to serve as a Thesis Committee for the participant
    • The MHS Thesis Committee is a three-person committee, which includes the applicant's Primary Mentor and two other full-time faculty members selected by the applicant and approved by the MHS Program Director in the applicant's department. 
    • Thesis Committee members should offer the greatest expertise possible. Note:  All three thesis committee members cannot be from the same department – at least one committee member must be from a different department
    • The Thesis Committee will be responsible to meet two to three times a year with the applicant. The Committee will also be responsible for reviewing the Master's thesis research project and the completed thesis.
  • The applicant’s education research may focus on a variety of topics including: curricular development, teaching, assessment and administration in either Undergraduate, Graduate or Continuing Medical Education.
  • Approval in writing by the applicant’s Department MHS Program Director including statements of:
    • Approval of the time commitment required to participate (35% time each year)
    • How the tuition will be paid
  • A letter of support from the applicant’s Department Chair
  • A letter of support from the applicant’s primary faculty mentor
  • A statement of expectation that the applicant will contribute to the Yale community
  • A personal statement written by the applicant addressing how the degree will enhance his/her academic career 

Where And How Do I Apply?

  • Prior to accessing the Application Form via a link on the Application Information page of this website, applicants must download the pdf file of the Application Form and the Application Instructions. This will help the applicant prepare the necessary documents and information to complete the on-line application. 
  • Application Instructions 
  • PDF of the On-line Application
  • The On-line Application must be completed in one sitting; it may not be saved.
  • The application will take between five and eight minutes to complete.  This estimate is based on having all the required documents and information on hand.

What are the MHS Degree requirements?

The curriculum for the MHS-Med Ed degree centers on an education research project. Participants design their research project and individual learning plan within the framework of required courses, in collaboration with the MHS-Med Ed Program Director.
The degree is granted on a pass/fail grading system.

MHS-Med Ed Required Courses
There are core courses required for the Masters in Health Science as well as specific requirements and electives for the pathway in Medical Education.  

MHS Required Core Courses
MHS-Med Ed Pathway Requirements
IMED 645 - Introduction to Biostatistics in Clinical Investigation Summer 
IMED  630 - Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research Fall 
SecEd 501 - Responsible Conduct of Research Summer 
IMED 625 - Principles of Clinical Research Summer 

What is My Commitment?

  • This is a two-year program requiring approximately a 35% time commitment, which must be approved by your department MHS Program Director in writing.
  • This program is intended for those who plan to pursue a career at Yale. While this is not a strict requirement, because of Yale’s investment in the participant, it will be an important consideration.
  • If a participant is unable to complete the degree in two years, approval of an extension is required by the MHS-Med Ed Program Director and the MHS Advisory Board.

What Is My Department's Commitment?

  • The department's MHS Program Director must approve a three-person Thesis Committee whose responsibility it is to support the participant in their research work and the completion of their thesis.
  • The participant must have protected time, approximately 35% commitment, to complete the degree requirements in two years.

What Is The Tuition Cost?

  • The tuition for the degree is $28,000 of which $8,000 is required. The remaining $20,000 balance will either be waived by the Medical School or can be supported by an NIH training grant from the responsible department. 
  • A statement from the applicant’s department MHS Program Director about how the $8,000 balance tuition will be paid is required at the time of application.
  • The balance of $8,000 must be paid either by the applicant’s department or by the applicant personally.

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